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You might have been using a smart plug for a long time, but in this guide, I shared some useful things you should know before using a smart plug.

Smart Plugs are amazing inventions of this era of technology. These tiny devices can easily convert our traditional appliances into smart ones. Their ease of use makes them super popular.

Connecting them with the internet is very straightforward. Plug them in, install the particular mobile application and follow the steps on your cell phone. It will not take you much time to set it up.

Let’s jump to the questions for further discussion.

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I have reviewed many smart plugs for this site and guided many readers in their final purchases. Now, I am here with common questions people ask regarding smart plugs.

Smart Plugs Guide - Things you need to know about smart plugs

Are smart plugs a security risk?

Smart plugs are not at a security risk unless sharing manufacturer details over social media. 

Many buyers have a suggestion that smart plugs can be a security risk because they can be hacked. Smart plugs have the vulnerability that they can be hacked and used by the hackers only, but only if the product is without guarantee and cheap; otherwise, there are no threats to security in the smart plugs.

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Are smart plugs a fire hazard?

The smart plugs are not be proven to start a fire or known as fire hazards because they are built to draw out enough power they want to work, i.e. (1-2 Watts). 

Because they use very little power, they are free of fire hazardless.

Are smart plugs waterproof?

Not every smart plug is waterproof. Water should be away from contact with electricity. It is why some companies made special devices to use outdoors. You can check waterproof smart plugs here on Amazon .

Can smart plugs be used outdoors?

There are specific types of smart plugs that may be utilized outside that can outstand our circumstances, such as humidity, weather, water, and other elements around the whole year.

Are smart plugs energy efficient?

Smart plugs play the main character in saving energy, so we can say they are worth the energy efficiency. They save about eight hundred kilowatts of energy which is almost about 5% of electricity every year.

Smart plugs play the main character in saving energy
Smart plugs play the main character in saving energy

Further, a few high-end smart plugs also let the user track energy usage.

Are smart plugs surge protected?

Not every smart plug is surge protected. Only a few high-end plugs have this feature.

It means that if you need a smart plug with surge protection, you might need to pay extra. But this extra cost is worth every penny, as it will protect your home appliances. Check surge protector smart plugs on Amazon .

Can smart plugs work without the internet?

Yes, they can work without an internet/ Wi-Fi connection as long as they are remotely controlled or used with the assistance of Bluetooth. 

Smart plugs are better used with the internet as we can control them with applications, and it is much easier and more efficient.

Can smart plugs be used as timers?

Yes, we can use timers on the smart plug. They can be controlled, or their schedule to turn on/off can be managed with the help of a built-in smart timer. 

For example, if we want to charge our phone, we can schedule the timing of the charge so it will go on or off according to the timings we set.

How to reset SmartThings outlet?

Can smart plugs be used in extension leads?

Yes, we can use smart plugs with extension leads/ cords and surge protectors as long as the power strips are in the right shape to work and they do not spark.

Smart plugs will give these same results when used with extension leads or extension cords, as there is no change in them.

Do smart plugs need WiFi?

Smart plugs can work without WiFi, but they need a stable Wi-Fi connection to communicate with mobile applications and other smart home devices

It means that if your Wi-Fi goes down for a while, these tiny devices will keep working but will lose communication with your mobile phone and voice assistants. 

Do smart plugs slow down Wi-Fi?

Smart plugs do not use much of the internet network and hence they do not put any heavy load on the internet. Hence, they don’t slow down the internet at any cost unless the internet server itself is down or there are maybe other devices that are using the internet at once. 

Only in this certain condition will the internet go down, but an intelligent plug alone doesn’t bring the internet down.

Do smart plugs work away from home?

Every smart plug can work well as soon as they are connected to the internet. 

You can access them from anywhere if they are connected to the internet. You can access them using your mobile phone or tablet. Make sure your phone is also connected to the working internet.

Do smart plugs work with TVs?

They don’t work with TVs as they can only put the TVs on standby. The smart plug provides the tv with energy. We can turn on and off the television by our voice commands. 

Does smart plug work with echo dot?

Smart plug works with echo dot to send out voice commands to other smart devices through electronic sachets. With the help of echo dot and smart plug, we can control our smart devices by turning them on or off automatically or remotely.

How smart plug work with Alexa?

Alexa is the voice assistant for the smart plug, which can be utilized to switch on or off any electronic device. We can also set timers through Alexa on smart outlets and control our devices.

Will a smart plug work with a touch lamp?

Smarts plugs are compatible with a touch lamp. All you need to do is plug the lamp into a smart outlet and it will turn the lamp on or off for us. We can use our voice commands to turn it on or off.

Will a smart plug boil the kettle?

Yes, the smart plug will work with the kettle. A kettle must have an off switch which we can use automatically through our smartphones to turn it off. We can command voice assistance or use any app to control the kettle.


Smart outlets are everywhere nowadays. In this guide, I have covered a few common questions people ask about these tinny devices.

If you need any further help, you can contact me at info@smarthousestech.com.

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