Amazon Echo Studio Review

Amazon Echo Studio Smart Speaker

Voice Recognition


Sound quality


Easy to use


Value for money



  • Great and Compact Size
  • A True Personal Assistant
  • Great Sound Quality
  • 3D Sound Technology


  • Requires Amazon Music HD to listen to fully 3D Ultra HD music

Amazon originally introduced the concept of smart speakers. This was a great idea; later with some software and design updates, smart speakers become popular.

The reason smart speakers have become popular is simple; the built-in Alexa assists people in their everyday tasks. This gives people the ability to set alarms, check the calendar, or get answers to their questions on the way.

The first Amazon Echo was launched in 2014, later in 2019 Amazon introduced the Echo Plus and Amazon Echo Studio .

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Amazon Echo Studio Review - SmartHousesTech

This smart speaker comes with a bunch of features that will take music listening to the next level. You can also make a pair with Echo Sub.

Because of built-in Alexa, it will be your loyal assistant. You can place it in any room and enjoy the music and Alexa’s assistance.

A smart home needs a smart entertainment system. Meet Eco Studio smart speaker with 3D audio. Doesn’t matter what the source is; Echo Studio makes your music sound incredible. 

Echo Studio Specs


You have never heard of an Echo-like this before! Its Dolby Atmos technology will add more clarity and depth in audio with enabling a multidimensional audio experience. Because of 3D audio technology, this speaker can also play new music formats.

This speaker has five built-in strategically positioned speakers. These speakers help the Echo Studio to send a room-filling sound with more bass to your ears from different directions. As human ears care about wherefrom the sound is coming from; Eco Studio takes care of this. 

It doesn’t matter in which room you placed it, this technology helps the Eco Studio to analyze the acoustics of your place and to fine-tune playback for optimal sound. This is one of the greatest addition to a smart speaker. 

You can do more with this Echo speaker with the help of a built-in Amazon Alexa voice assistant. You can control the speaker through voice commands. 

Enhance the audio streaming experience, you can ask Alexa to stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and more. You can use this speaker as a smart house hub; ask Alexa to control your smart devices. You can connect and manage your smart devices with a built-in hub.

Setting Up Amazon Echo Studio

All the Amazon Echo speakers are easy to set up. Thanks to the Amazon mobile app, it will easily detect your Amazon Echo Studio and greet you. To set up your Echo:

  • Downloads the latest version of the Amazon Alexa app into your mobile.
  • Plugin your Eco Studio and wait for a while so that Alexa can greet you. 

Finally, set up your device by using Alexa App. You can change basic, equalizer, and Alexa settings with the help of the mobile app.

This mobile will access your contacts, calendar, call logs, messages, alarms, and a few other details so Alexa can manage and process the information for you whenever it is needed.

Once you set up your Amazon Echo Studio, you can ask Alexa using this speaker for the information you are looking for, such as your calendar. For example, you can ask Alexa to set up an alarm at 5 AM for you.

If you have an echo sub or other echo speaker at home, there is brilliant news for you. You can pair Echo Studio with an echo sub to get a multi-room listening experience. It will give you a pleasant music listening experience when you are traveling from one room to another one.

How to reset Amazon Echo Studio?

Unique Features of Echo Studio

A smart speaker with a lot of smart features that will take all of your music listening experience to the next level. You will get a great music listening experience, extra safety, and peace of mind with the help of these smart features.

Take out the best in your song: Have you ever imagined getting the sound of music with more bass from different directions at once while sitting in one place? 

Amazon Echo Studio’s built-in five speakers will help to accomplish it. It will produce a room-filling sound with more bass that will feel like coming from different directions.

It is possible because of advanced technology that analyzes the room and generates sound accordingly. It doesn’t matter where you place this speaker, it will adjust its sound according to the room where you place it.

Next Dimension Audio Technology: Get a full rich and crispy sound that will make your audio incredible. You will feel like sound coming all around you just because of this multi-dimension audio technology. It will feel like a home theater.

3D audio technology is another addition that makes Amazon Echo Studio incredible for music listening. This technology will help the studio create a perfect stereo and surround-sound for you. You will feel the sound coming from multiple dimensions to your ear. 

This speaker can also play new formats of music because of 3D audio technology.

Alexa is happy to help: Alexa will prove as your loyal digital assistant. You can ask Alexa whatever you want to accomplish, for example, you can ask to set alarms, check your calendar, and much more. 

Alexa is always there to help you, you can ask anything anytime. Its smart mics will detect your voice even while playing the music. So, next time when you are asking something to Alexa, ask with confidence, it is listening to you.

You can talk to the Alexa from 20 meters distance.

Smart Home Compatibility: It is very useful when all of your devices are connected with one device and you are controlling them with voice commands.

A smart speaker that can be used as a smart home hub. Because of its built-in Smart Home Hub, you can connect and control your smart home devices to the speaker. You can control your smart speakers, thermostat, light bulbs, cameras, and much more.

Having a smart speaker reduces the need for a smart hub. Control all of your smart devices with the help of your voice command. For example, you can ask Alexa, Alexa turns off the kitchen lights.

Protect your privacy: Privacy is the most considerable thing when there is a mic listening to you all the time. 

Amazon Echo Studio comes with multiple privacy protection layers. For example, the mic can be turned off by pressing the button available at the top of the speaker.

This button will cut off the electricity of the mic which means the mic will turn off electronically. It means when it is turned off, the mic cannot listen to you until you turn it on. A red light will indicate you the mic is off.

Further, all of your voice recordings will be under your control. Your voice recordings will be in the cloud and you have complete access to these recordings. 

You can check your recordings later whenever you are free, you can hear these recordings, or can easily delete them if needed.


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