Best Smart Home Security Systems & Products of 2024

Eufy is manufacturing the best smart home security products. Ring is another big name, but they also promote their subscription plans. Which I personally don’t advocate.

If we are buying a product, it should cost it once, not each month!

It is the reason, I always suggest Eufy’s products at

Smart homes’ security is different and has its own pros and cons, unlike traditional homes. This modern security system lets us monitor each move happening at our residence. There are many smart security products. The amazing thing is, all these products can intercommunicate with each other to protect our house perfectly.

What is Smart Home Security System?

A smart home security system involves a bunch of products that work together. For example, an outdoor surveillance camera can activate the indoor alarm when it detects unusual activity outside of your house. 

All these smart security products make a connection with each other using home WiFi to form a working system. Then these devices transmit data with each other and share the information to better protect your sweat home.

You can control all these devices using a compatible smart hub .

What are ZigBee and Z-wave?

ZigBee and Z-Wave are two types of wireless communication protocols. ZigBee is a low-power protocol used for connecting devices in the home, while Z-Wave is a protocol used for connecting devices in the industrial and commercial space.

Both technologies allow appliances to intercommunicate with each other with no central controller. This makes them ideal for home automation, where you may want a number of different devices to communicate with each other independently. read more here .

When you are going to purchase a smart security system, make sure to check which technology it uses. It will help you in adding more smart devices with ease. For example, Samsung SmartThings use Z-Wave.

How smart home security system is a better option?

Now, if an intruder tries to enter to your house, the outdoor camera starts recording activity, starts an alarm, and turns on the high-beam lights to frighten him. Further, it also turned on the inside alarm and sent you a notification about the activity on your mobile phone. 

Isn’t it smart? Isn’t it peace of mind?

Smart home security systems are better than the old traditional homes because it uses special AI technology that knows what is going on, how to monitor it, and what to do when things went wrong.

Is a smart home security system worth investment?

If you love useful technologies, then yes, smart home security systems are worth the investment. How?

Imagine, you are seating in the office and someone tries to enter your house. You get notified, picked up the phone, and checked the live view. You started the two-way audio and ordered him to move away. And surely this can frighten the intruder that there is someone in the house. It is worth the investment.

Pros of Smart Home Security Systems

When your house and family are protected, you get peace of mind. Here are some pros you will get when you install a smart home security system at your house. 

Peace of mind: If you properly set up the smart home security system, it will give you peace of mind. You are relaxed because it is keeping an eye on your house 24/7 and immediately will let you know if something bad happens.

Ring also introduced the neighborhood feature . Now, Ring’s products will let your neighbors notice if the intruder tries to enter your property so that your community along with you can take action.

Easy-to-setup: Most of the smart home security products come with wireless connectivity, which makes them super easy to install in the desired place. Just plug in the batteries, charge them, connect to the Wi-Fi, and mount it to the wall.

The device will let you know when the battery is becoming low through mobile notifications. Usually, wireless smart devices can last around 6 months with one charge.

24/7 Monitoring: You are sleeping, but your smart security system is working at its fullest. You are away from home, but this system is still monitoring your sweat home. 

Night Modes: What if anybody attempts to enter your house, will still this security system work as it does in the daytime? Yes, it will work fine at night time too.

These smart security devices use several sensors, including PR and motion detection can that still detect motion at night time. Further, their modern cameras use special algorithms that can change the night to day to give you a clear colored video in the dark too.  

A few cameras also come with a built-in spotlight that helps the camera to better capture the video. 

Cons of Smart Home Security System

With so many excitements and benefits, these smart security products also have some downsides. Look at these and check if you find any deal-breaking point for you.

Expensive: Smart home security products are the premium ones which mean expensive! A Ring video doorbell can cost you $200+. It is just one device!

For a full functioning security system for your smart home, you need various smart devices, including a doorbell, cameras, alarms, and locks. All this can cost you $10000+.

Monthly Subscriptions: The biggest downside I feel is the subscriptions. You purchased the security appliance, now the company will charge you monthly or yearly; which is ridiculous!

It is why I always recommend choosing the devices that don’t cost you monthly. To check which system doesn’t cost you monthly, click here .

Features to look for in a smart home security system:

When looking for a smart home security system, it’s important to consider the features that are most important to you. Some key features to look for include:

Remote monitoring: It is a core feature of the smart home. Being able to see what’s happening at home even when you’re not there is a huge plus. Make sure the security system you choose has a mobile app or online portal that lets you view live or recorded footage from anywhere.

Motion detection: A good security system will have sensors that can detect movement and notify you when someone is in your home unauthorized.

Smart alerts: Receiving real-time alerts on your smartphone or computer whenever something happens at home is a great way to stay informed and proactive about your security.

HD cameras: Having a high-definition camera is key if you want to see what’s going on when you’re not home. This will ensure that you have a real-time view of who’s around in your house, and won’t miss any potential threats.

Mobile app: This is a great way to communicate with your home automation security system. You can receive alerts, view live or recorded footage, and even remotely arm and disarm the system all from your phone.

Price and affordability: With a home automation security system, make sure you consider pricing and subscriptions. Some companies charge some monthly or yearly subscriptions as their hidden charges.

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