[Top 5 Picks] Best Smart Speaker For Music in 2024

I have been a music lover since 2012. I always imagine controlling music with my voice commands, but now it is possible!

If you love to play music all the time and want to control your music with voice command, then the Best smart speaker for music listening would be a significant addition to your smart home.

Voice assistants such as Apple Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Alexa help you do impressive things. They can provide you with weather details, answer your questions, set the alarm for you, and much more. You can even ask for a piece of music, playlist, or genre, with a built-in voice assistant in a speaker.


Smart Speaker Vs Bluetooth Speaker

Usually, Bluetooth speakers are portable and can easily be paired with a mobile phone. You can take your Bluetooth speaker on a trip and any of the family members can connect the phone with the device to play the music.

Although the sound quality and bass of speakers vary from model to model, you can get a speaker with great sound quality under $150. You can also play songs via AUX wire connecting with the speaker and your phone.

While most of the smart speakers are wired power. It means smart speakers stay at home. They need a home WiFi connection to operate through the voice command. This gives you true wire-free remote access to the speaker.

Smart Speakers are full of advanced and modern features which fulfill the need of this modern era. For example, with the built-in Alexa, you can do impressive things with one voice command.

Confused, which one should you choose? Just remember, every smart speaker is a Bluetooth speaker, but not every traditional speaker is a smart speaker.

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What Can Smart Speakers Do?

Speakers are around us for decades. Speakers can talk, play music, and do whatever I play on it. These speakers are helpful for us to listen to the headlines, the voice of our loved ones, or enjoying the music.

Smart speakers are not a decade old; they are still new in the market. Because of the voice assistants, now, it is possible to start a conversation with speakers. Even further, you can give them any task to accomplish.

Smart speakers can talk to you, but they are not amazing conversationalists. They tell you the weather, remind you of appointments, or anything you said to, these can also control smart home devices, can order food for you, and much more.

Because of the voice assistants, smart speakers can prove to a loyal and true personal assistants. It can schedule your tasks, set up a calendar, remind you of important tasks, and even Google Assistant can set up an appointment with the salon by calling them on behalf of you. 

All of this was started with Amazon Echo when it was launched in 2014, but there are now dozens of smart speakers to choose from, and I have gathered the best ones for music listening here. 

How do I rank these products?

There are many factors I have to test out before finalizing the list. It includes performance, price, reliability, speaker quality, sound quality, base, features, and the user experience.

I have to test each model on these criteria, which takes time, but my ranking is most reliable for you, as I have worked and tested these models for hours. Usually, I rank number one as the product I love most and perform correctly for me. 

The number one product is the one that fits my strict criteria. 

Why should you trust me?

I have been researching smart homes and smart home devices for the last three years. In these 3 years, I have read hundreds of blogs, gone through tons of YouTube videos, and tested many smart gadgets. Now, I have an intense level of knowledge about it. 

I am super confident about this guide, as this guide has already helped many users of SmartHousesTech. Go on and check the guide; you will only find unique products for yourself. 

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The Best Smart Speaker for Music 2024

Amazon Echo Studio is the best sound quality smart speaker of 2024. You can further go through the list to pick up the one that fits your needs the most.

Here are our in-depth reviews for the Best Smart Speaker For Music Listening in 2024. Please go through it and pick the perfect one for you.

Our Favorite:

1. Echo Studio – High-Fidelity Smart Speaker

SpecificationsHighlighted Features
  • Bluetooth & WiFi: yes
  • Physical Connections: 3.5mm, Optical
  • Water-Resistant: No
  • Channels: 5.1
  • Weight: 9 pounds
  • The next dimension in audio
  • Adapts to any room
  • Personal Assistant
  • Big Entertainment
  • Simple to Set Up

Amazon Echo Studio - Smart Speaker to Enjoy MusicMeet Eco Studio Smart Speaker which comes with advanced room-filling and 3D audio technology. So, it does not matter what the source of your music is, Echo Studio will make your music sound incredible. 

You have never heard of an Echo like this before! Its Dolby Atoms technology will add more clarity and depth in audio enabling a multidimensional audio experience. Because of 3D audio technology, it can also play new music formats.

There are five built-in speakers in Echo Studio. These speakers help the unit to create a room-filling sound and send it to your ears from different directions. It helps this model to adopt any room. All this makes it the best sounding smart speaker.

It amazed me how 5 speakers, 3D audio, and Dolby Atoms technology work together to make a perfect home theater. It is the reason I ranked it number one. 

A built-in Alexa helps you to do great things. Ask Alexa to stream songs from Amazon Music, Apple Music, Spotify, Tidal, and more. You can also control your smart devices by asking Alexa. Purchase now to get a free Philips Hue bulb. Read more about Amazon Echo Studio .

Can you set Alexa's voice volume level low?
Yes, you can! So LOW that you can’t hear it.
Can you pair with echo sub?
Yes, you can use it with the Echo Sub.
  • Great and Compact Size
  • A True Personal Assistant
  • Great Sound Quality
  • 3D Sound Technology
  • Requires Amazon Music HD to listen to fully 3D Ultra HD music

Overall Best with Screen:

2. Bose Home Smart Speaker 500

SpecificationsHighlighted FeaturesIncludes
  • Dimensions: 4.31 x 6.68 x 8.01 inches
  • Weight: 4.65 pounds
  • Built-In Alexa
  • Noise Rejecting Microphone
  • WiFi & Bluetooth
  • Simple Control
  • Bose Home Speaker 500
  • Power cord
  • Owner’s guide
  • Quick start guide

Bose Home 500 Smart Speaker - Smart Speaker for MusicMeet Alexa enabled smart Bose Home Speaker to do impressive things while enjoying music. Its microphone has a noise rejecting technology, which means it can listen to and understand even in noise or loud music. Hence, you can dually use it; one for listening to music and others as a smart speaker.

It comes with advanced sound technologies. It will fill your room with a wall to wall impressive stereo sound. It can be the best option for a dance party, puzzle party, or any craft night.

You can also connect it with other Bose smart speakers for a multi-room listening experience. With a smart and neat screen, always see what is playing right now.

It comes with WiFi, Bluetooth, and Apple Airplay 2 compatibility. This allows you to stream your songs wirelessly. You can stream your Spotify music by using WiFi.

I love the base that this speaker provides. It hasn’t many features as the Amazon Echo Studio. It is why I ranked it in the second position.

You can connect it with your smartphone using Bluetooth to play songs through your mobile phone or tablet. You can also connect your mobile phone with a cable.

It is very easy to control this smart speaker. There are some basic buttons on it; you can change basic settings by pressing these buttons. You can also control it by voice commands. It means millions of songs are waiting for your voice command. Lastly, you can also control it by using the official Bose mobile application.

What sources can I play music from?
Use Alexa or the Bose app to play directly from streaming services over Wi-Fi. You can also use Bluetooth or the 3.5mm aux jack. Or stream to it with Spotify Connect or AirPlay 2 from an Apple device.
Can I control Spotify through Voice?
  • Rich Sound
  • Screen: See What is Playing
  • EQ Adjustment in The App
  • Loud Voice With No Discernible Distortion
  • Not Come With Any Remote
  • Need Boss Account to Connect Alexa

Built for Music:

3. Sonos One Smart Speaker (Gen 2)

SpecificationsHighlighted Features
  • Dimensions: 4.72 x 4.72 x 6.34 inches
  • Weight: 4.07 pounds
  • Brilliant Sound
  • Listen Your Way
  • Simple Control
  • Room-Filling Sound
  • For Every Room

Sonos One Smart Speaker - best google smart speaker

A powerful smart speaker just for music lovers. This smart speaker is designed and built for the ones who love to enjoy music everywhere. It doesn’t matter where you place it, you will get brilliant sound quality all the time.

Because of its unique design, it will easily become part of any room. Sonos One is also humidity resistant, so you can even place it in the bathroom. This also helps it to last longer than the competitors.

Built-in Alexa will give you a completely hands-free experience. Millions of songs are just under your tongue. You can control and change a song with a voice command. You can also do impressive things wirelessly with Alexa’s help, like setting up alarms, checking the news, get your questions answered, much more.

You can change or skip any song through the Bose mobile application, through voice commands, or with the touch buttons at the speaker. It has six internal speakers to hear your every word. Also, there is a mute button to protect your privacy.

For a multi-room listening experience, you can connect it with other Sonos speakers wirelessly. It will allow you to enjoy brilliant sound in every room.

Does it have an aux line in jack?
No it doesn’t.
Can I connect my Sonos play with the sonos one?
Yes, you can add them or incorporate with any sonos models.
  • Humidity Resistant
  • Touch Control
  • Mute for Privacy
  • Integrations with Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Airplay
  • Alexa can’t do everything on this device that she could on an Amazon-branded device

Best Value:

4. Bose Home Smart Speaker 300

SpecificationsHighlighted Features
  • Dimensions: 4.02 x 5.59 x 6.34 inches
  • Weight: 2.9 pounds
  • Alexa Built-in
  • Simple control
  • Stay Entertained
  • Room-rocking bass

Bose Home Smart Speaker 300 - alexa enabled speakerAnother from Bose entertainment family. This Bose Home Speaker 300 differs slightly from Bose 500; it hasn’t any screen and also it comes with 360 degrees of sound experience.

If you desire to listen to music on a smart speaker, it is a perfect option for you. Its compact size, room-rocking bass, and 360-degree lifelike sound make this a value-for-money product.

This speaker can be a great option for partying at home.

Because of the built-in voice assistant, millions of songs are waiting for a voice command to play on it. Its noise-rejecting technology makes its microphone easy to hear you even while playing a loud song or in noise.

Taking control is just easy, like Bose 500. You can control the settings by using the buttons at the top of it. You can turn off the voice assistant feature.

For a wireless experience, you can control it by using a mobile app or connecting it to the WiFi for live stream, or you can connect your mobile or tablet with the speaker by using Bluetooth. You can also share it with your family. SO they can also play their favorite songs.

How can I control my music playing on the speaker?
You can start and control content on the Bose Home Speaker 300 with your voice, the Bose app, or the 6 one-touch presets on the top of the speaker.
What is the difference between the Bose Home Speaker 500 and the Bose Home 300?
The Bose Home 300 is a compact, mono speaker. And the Bose Home 500 is a larger, stereo that offers an LCD screen to show you what’s playing.
  • Connectivity is Excellent
  • Smooth Sound and Slick Looks
  • Excellent Microphone Response
  • Goes loud without hardening Google Assistant and Alexa
  • You can’t pair this speaker with a Bose bass module

Best Cheap Smart Speaker:

5. Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) – Smart Speaker

SpecificationsHighlighted Features
  • Dimensions: 5.8” x 3.9” x 3.9” (148 x 99 x 99 mm)
  • Weight: 27.5 oz (780 g)
  • Audio: 3.0” (76.2 mm)
  • Simple to set up and use
  • Alexa for kids
  • Keep your family in sync
  • Voice control over your smart home
  • Enjoy premium sound

Amazon Echo (3rd Gen) - alexa speakerMeet Amazon Echo (3rd Gen), a premium speaker powered by Dolby to play your music at 360 degrees of angle. This speaker offers a dynamic response, which is fabulous news for music lovers.

You can also change the equalizer settings to personalize your listening experience. For a stereo sound, you can pair it with Echo (2nd & 3rd Gene) speakers.

Voice control over your audio and your smart home. You can ask for a playlist, song, artist, or genre to Alexa. You can change the genre from Spotify or other streaming services. Further, Alexa will help you change the settings of your smart devices, for example, you can ask Alexa to change the room temperature.

There are multiple privacy layers installed in it. Its microphone off button will electronically disconnect the mics to protect your privacy.

Keeping your family in sync has become simple with this speaker. You can perform drop-in announcements, hands-free calling, can remind your kids of bedtime, and much more.

Do I need to turn off at night?
You do not need to turn off at night. As long as it’s powered up it’s always listening.
How loud is this speaker?
It can get pretty loud!
  • Can set default music provider to Spotify, Amazon, Pandora, etc.
  • Rich and Powerful Bass
  • A Solid Built Machine
  • Privacy Protected
  • Sound quality isn’t amazing
  • The sound is almost similar to the previous Echo. Both are fantastic, but almost the same.


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FAQs regarding what is the best smart speaker for music!

According to Statista , 39% of people in the US listen to music using smart speakers daily. Speakers with Alexa built-in can make your life easier. However, if you desire to use Alexa enabled speaker for music listening, there might be some questions in your mind.

Do smart speakers have an aux input?

The traditional Google Home Smart Speakers have no aux input. But there are a few models of smart speakers available in the market that have an aux input.

All the speakers I reviewed above for home music listening have 3.5 mm input except the last one.

Can I use smart speakers to listen to FM radio?

No, almost all models do not have an FM tuner. But still, if you desire to follow the radio, you can use the internet radio on those speakers.

Do smart speakers generally have a battery life?

A few models have batteries while others do not. If you want a smart speaker that you can use on the way, I recommend ensuring it’s a built-in or add-on battery. (Such as the Bose Portable Home Speaker )

What can the smart speaker do?

Here are a few other bunches of tasks you can perform using the best speakers for home music:


  • Stream audio over WiFi
  • Stream audio over Bluetooth
  • Control TV


  • Weather forecasts
  • News headlines
  • Traffic reports
  • Date and time
  • Internet searchers including Wikipedia entries

Manage your program

  • Set appointments
  • Provide reminders
  • Keep to-do lists

An assistant from the kitchen

  • Can recite recipes
  • Can establish multiple timers
  • Get dimensions conversions like how many cups are in one quart
  • Get nutrition information

Contact friends and loves ones

  • Make and receive telephone calls
  • Send text messages

Control your smart home

  • Turn your lights off, on and dim them
  • Fix room temperature through a smart thermostat
  • And control, and manage all of your smart devices at your home


The best smart speaker for music listening is an impressive addition to our house. As they are compatible with the voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant, that aims to make our life easier.

These speakers are designed for voice assistants and have a basic level of sound quality. However, there are a few models that are designed for enjoying songs.

Consider any from the above list and take your song listening experience to the next level.

If you found this guide helpful, sharing it with others will be great.

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