How to connect google home on PC? (4 Steps – 10 Mins.!)

Google Home has an ease of use edge on every other available smart home hub. Google also has a large number of users. It is why people prefer to have Google Home smart hub to control their smart home.

But, the Google home application is available for mobile devices only, so how to use Google home on a PC or laptop?

There are plenty of ways to use Google home at PC to control your smart appliances. We are discussing 4 of them in this guide. We also added videos so that you can understand the work quickly.

But first, let’s review a few things.


Google is a multinational internet-related service that is provided by an American technology company. In the 21st century, Google is a rapid-growing company. 

Google provides us with many internet services and its products. These services include search engine, cloud storage, software, and hardware. 

Google is easily accessible to all ages. Elders, as well as children, can easily use it. 

Google is among one of the biggest 5 applications in the world. It is one of the best among Apple, meta, Microsoft, Amazon, and the American information industry technology. 

Google has billions, not millions of web pages through which we can explore thousands or billions of information. Google search is the most dominating and usable search engine used by millions of people worldwide.

Google doesn’t only provide searching for specific information but also allows us to look for books, magazines, and worldwide news articles.

Google also provides other services search as gmails, messaging, data storage, and have its line of products. We can use all the Google services for our easiness of activities. Many of the products of Google have advanced the lives of people. 

Google plays a vital and utmost important role in revolutionizing the world. 

Google Services

There are many Google services that we use in our daily activities to ensure the easiness of our lives. Google has helped to make complex tasks into manageable and reliable tasks. Most of the information provided by Google is accurate and reliable. 

Some of the services that Google provides to its user are as follows:

SEARCH ENGINE: 65.6 percent of the people use the Google search engine  for their information requirements. Google search engine is easy to use and provides accurate information to its users. 

Many of the information not available in the books and anywhere else in the world that can be hard to find can be searched on the Google engine.

ADVERTISING: Google creates most of the revenues from advertising. Google is quite successful in making sales and money through sales of apps and other products. These products are the sailing of applications, digital content on Google, and other services such as Android and licensing fees and money received from Google cloud offerings. 

Google receives all this money from advertising services. With the help of the advertising services of Google, many businesses have advanced and revolutionized because of Google. Google is the new era of business startup.

CONSUMER SERVICES: Many small consumers services are available through Google. These small services have helped to create amazing transformations in our life, such as the use of Gmail, Google calendar, Google maps, Google drive, cloud storage, Google docs, Google photos, Google Translate, YouTube, and many job opportunities. 

All these consumer services by Google have made these smart devices more accessible and easier to use with their supernatural features.

GOOGLE PRODUCTS: Google provides many products for its users. Many of these products are business-oriented products, statistical tools, map products, communication and publication tools, advertising tools, and search tools. 

Other products are robotic vacuums , security cameras, video doorbells , Google Home speakers, compatible lights thermostats , and much more.

How to connect google home on pc - 4 Steps

Google Home

Google nest is a service provided by Google LLC. It is a framework that lets us connect different smart home devices at once. 

Every smart home gadget comes with its own mobile application, which makes it much more difficult for users to manage many applications at once. Google Home solves this problem.

Google Home  acts as a smart hub and lets us connect and control many smart home gadgets or IoTs at once. 

Google home can be used to switch on or off the light, use media, call home, broadcast, use cameras, run internet speed tests, and many more services.

To sum up Google home , we can say that it is a voice-activated speaker that is used by Google Assistant to help us in many activities such as turning the speakers on, controlling smart lights , and security systems .

Connecting Google Home With PC

PC is a multipurpose microcomputer known as a personal computer. Its use is perfect for single-person use because of its size, capabilities, and price. 

Many of the computers do have Google, but we need to make them more competent to operate with Google home. Anyone can utilize Google Home as a primary speaker for a desktop PC or another computer or laptop. 

There are many ways through which we can connect Google home with PC.

We can use Google Home nest or Google speakers and any emulator to connect Google Home with a PC.


Google Home app can be managed with a PC by an Android emulator.

We can easily control Google Home and other smart devices that are compatible with Google home with the use of an emulator. Android emulator is prepared to work with iOS as well as Android devices to have access to the apps from our desktop computer.

Firstly, we need to install an Android emulator for Windows so that we can work on Android apps on our PC. Android emulators are simple to use. For example, you can check this one .


Use Google Home as a speaker for our desktop and laptop. To do this, follow the following steps:

  • Find the pairing Bluetooth devices and enable pairing mode. Once your speakers are prepared, connect to the speaker.
  • After your Bluetooth has been connected to the speakers, go to the Bluetooth settings on the PC and find the gadget named as a speaker or offer speaker.
  • Look for the add Bluetooth and other devices and connect your speaker to the laptop for PC.
  • When paired with a Bluetooth speaker, it works smoothly for the laptop for any PC. We can prepare it for too many devices. The best speaker is known as Google nest or Google home Speakers, which can be used as a Google Nests for our laptop tablets or any other device.


If we have Google Chrome as our primary web browser. Then Google Chrome browser helps us to cast music from our PC to Google. 

  • Google Chrome can also be useful in streaming content to Google Chromecast devices and managing Google home from our PC.
  • If we need to link Google Home to a computer, we need to ensure that our computer or desktop PC and Google home have the same Wi-Fi network connection.
  • Click the three vertical points on the top right corner of our Google Chrome and then choose the cast option.


We can utilize Google Home as a base of computer speakers without compromising the original and existing functionality.

Once you turn on Google Home speaker, then select the Bluetooth settings on your PC Windows and maintain a connection to the Google home speaker. And if you are connecting Google-Home mini to your PC for the first setup. 

Click on the right and on the upper corner of your Bluetooth settings that say connect to other devices. It will connect Google Nests or Home to Windows.

Turn a computer on and off using Google Home


Google Home is the primary application of Google LLC. Google nest is a voice-activated speaker that is used by Google assistant. 

We can use Google home to elevate our living standards and make small processes much easier to work out. Google home is much easier to use and connect to our PC. 

It is not only for use in smartphones tablets, but our PC can also utilize it. In addition, we can link Google home to many other devices. 

Google home services let the management of our compatible smart devices such as slides, cameras, TV, and much more from only one place or device. 

Google home services have made our life easier with its use and compatibility with many resources for all devices. Many of our small appliances are now controlled by Google home. 

We have to do is make a connection between our Google home and the devices. To conclude, we can say that Google’s Nest is a smart appliance that lets us control many of our activities easily.

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