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Are you wondering how to install LED strip lights in bathroom?

Installing strip lights in the bathroom is not much difficult as you think. Here is our guide to install strip lights in the bathroom effectively.

LED lights are perfect to create a soothing and comfortable environment, especially in your most important rooms at the house. Strip lights make a comfortable light to our eyes.

The bathroom is an important room in our house. Installing LED strip lights is a fantastic addition to the bathroom.

Strip lights offer a wide variety of colors from which you can pick the perfect one for your bathroom. Thanks to the durability, these lights will last longer.

If you haven’t purchased the right strip lights for you, we have picked the right ones for you.

What are the best LED strip lights?

Here are the best strip LED lights for the bathroom in 2024.

Vont Smart Premium Bright 5050 RGB LEDs Strip Lights

Vont Smart Premium Bright 5050 RGB LEDs Strip LightsVont specialized in making smart home lighting solutions. Their lighting products are affordable, durable, and work as advertised. It is the reason our editors recommend Vont.

These LED strip lights come in 16.4 feet and 32.8 feet versions so that you can choose according to your bathroom length. The installation is simple and you can also cut it according to your needs.

Once you installed these lights, it will let you make a soothing and relaxed environment with the help of your voice commands.

Vont trusts their products and it is the reason they are delivering a lifetime warranty. View on Amazon

ZATAYE Ultra-Long SMD5050 360LEDs RGB Lights

ZATAYE Ultra-Long SMD5050 Music Sync 360LEDs RGB Lights ReviewThese LED strip lights from ZATAYE are waterproof and smart home compatible. It means you can install them in the bathroom as well as can control them with any third-party voice assistant and from the mobile app.

It also comes with a remote to control it remotely. If you love to enjoy music while taking a bath, you will love its music sync feature.

It has a long 65.6 Feet long strip with 360 LEDs over it. It has an easy installation, strong adhesive tape, and a connection method. View SMD5050 on Amazon

Inscrok Waterproof RGB LED Strip Light

Inscrok Waterproof RGB LED Strip Light ReviewIt has fewer features than the ZATAYE but still a 16.4 feet long waterproof strip. Further, fewer features mean less expensive.

However, it comes with a remote so that you can control it remotely.

This LED strip light has a strong adhesive, which makes it easy to install. It uses low voltage and gets heated low. View Inscrok on Amazon


Our Bathroom Guides:

How to install led strip lights in bathroom?

When you decided to add a comfortable light from strip lights into the bathroom, decide the spot where you desire to place it. It might be the water tub, shower wall, or ceiling. 

When you decided where to install it, you need to purchase your desired LED strip lights first. If you love to have extra features, go for a smart LED strip light. 

Once you got the right LED strip, don’t forget to test all its functions before installing it. 

When you have the LED strip lights and decided the spot where you desire to place your strip lights, the first step came into place. 

1. Measure the exact lengths

In most cases, you need to cut the LED strip into pieces. Measure the exact length of which you need. You can use any measuring tape or rope for it. 

While measuring, make sure you include edges, if any. 

2. Cut the strip to the length you require

Once you got the exact measurements, cut the strip according to the required measurements. 

Use the tape or rope to measure the strip again to cut it down.

How to cut led strip lights?

You might be stuck while cutting the LED strip. Before cutting, follow the instructions over the strip. You will find the spots where you can safely cut the LED strip. 

Cut the strips only to the highlighted areas otherwise, it can damage the strip functionality. We recommend using the wire cutter to cut the strip over the right spot. 

Measure the strip to the exact length you need, pick a wire cutter, and cut the LED strip from the highlighted spot. 

After cutting the strip into the desired length, you can create a new connection over it. For this purpose, you can use a strip connector for your LED strip light. 

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3. Adjust the wires

Before fixing the LED strip over its place, adjust all the wires properly. Connect the wires to the strip and power supply and place them at the right place, which will not disturb you later while installing. 

Once you are handled with the wires, jump to the next step. 

4. Peel and stick

For now, you have done all the important work except one. Placing the strip light to its place. This one is the easiest part, by the way.

Simply peel the adhesive tape and start installing the strip to its right spot. While you placing the strip in the right place, press the layer softly so the adhesive can stick correctly.

If there is no adhesive tape, or you want some extra, you can use double tape or silicone gel. 

Benefits of LED Strip Lights

LED strips are great for home decor and make a perfect soothing environment. LED strips come in a diversity of colors and options from which you can pick the perfect one for you and your house decor.

Here are some advantages you should know while installing stick-on LED lights. 

Easy to Install:

Most of the strip LEDs offer an easy installation. You only need to peel and stick wherever you want to place it.

While placing, make sure you place it in the correct place so it sticks correctly.

Energy Efficient:

A strip light comprises many small LEDs which consume less energy overall compared to incandescent lights. Further, these small LEDs create a perfect environment when lightening up all. 

So, with these strips, you will get a perfect light with less energy. 

Environmental Friendly:

Strip lights use no harsh material, they are also durable and recyclable, which makes them eco-friendly. Which makes their installation, use, and then recycling easy. 


Manufacturers fit most of the strip lights in waterproof tubes which extend the use of the strip lights to outdoor, or even pools and fish tanks. 

If you are thinking to use strip lights somewhere near water, make sure you place the power supply far away from water or at any protected place.


Sometimes, it is difficult to install light bulbs in tight or curved places. But the strip lights offer you complete flexibility to install them over almost every place. 

For example, you can stick it on curved shades, corners, or can mod to any shape.


Because of this flexibility, strip lights are also highly customizable. You can cut them down to any length and mold them to any shape. With these strip lights, you can meet any home decor.


There is no mercury or other chemical in LEDs which doesn’t make any threat to your health. Because of no usage of chemicals, it is easy to recycle or repair them. This makes them the best lights compared to the traditional bulbs.

Low-UV Emissions:

You might have heard about the emissions of UV light from light bulbs we use. Every bulb emits a level of radiation. Strip LED lights emit very little infrared or UV light. 

So, there is no need to worry if you are using it near sensitive areas, or near to your skin.

Highly Durable:

Strips lights have a special design that helps them to bear harsh conditions, any vibrations, or any other external impact. This makes them highly durable lights.

While the bulbs are easy targets for any kind of external impact.


Compared to regular bulbs, strip lights comprise LEDs, which remain cool even after usage of hours.

Which makes them perfect for pets, or heat-sensitive areas.

Ability to Dim:

Along with all these benefits, strip lights are also dimmable. It will assist you to make a perfect atmosphere regarding your mood. 

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