How To Protect Ring Doorbell From Theft?

Have a smart ring doorbell? Are you worried about its safety? If yes, keep reading; I have a guide over how to protect ring doorbell from theft.

Robberies are increasing day by day around the world. It is poverty that results in increasing the numbers of theft around the world. In this stage, preventing ring doorbells from theft is also a significant issue because stealing ring doorbells is grown nowadays.

Smart doorbells can be a great and easy target for thieves. If they see any weak points like the device might loosen its grip, or there is no one around, they will steal it easily.

Extra tip: Always try to attach the doorbell hardly to the wall, so it becomes impossible to remove it from the wall. If we connect a ring doorbell with a wall with a reliable & effective method, then no one can easily steal it.

In this article, I have described 05 ways that how to prevent ring doorbell from thieves.

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How To Protect Ring Doorbell From Theft?

How To Protect Ring Doorbell From Theft?

Before protecting the device, first, analyze your surroundings. If you live at a place where more robberies occur, you need to take additional actions to protect your doorbell.

By analyzing your surroundings, you can take these steps to shield your device.

By the use of Hard metal covers on ring doorbell

Every covered item is much safer than the uncovered. It is the reason by applying any hard metal cover over your ring doorbell will increase its protection.

Metal covers also protect the doorbell from rain & sunlight. With the help of these covers, even theft can’t quickly steal the doorbell. It is the unique technique used for protecting the ring doorbell.

Silicone Skin Case Cover Compatible for Ring Video DoorbellIf you own a first-generation Ring Video Doorbell, you can purchase this silicone skin case cover. It will protect your bell from sun glare, harsh weather, UV rays, and theft.

This cover is made of high-quality material, which is much more durable and lightweight. It can be an impressive addition to the front door. Buy Silicone Skin Case from Amazon .

Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus FaceplateIf you own a modern version like the Ring 3 or Ring 3 plus, this cover is for you.

It comes in many colors and skin options; you can always pick the perfect one for your front door. It will let you match your house security with home decor.

Buy Ring Video Doorbell 3 Faceplate from Amazon .

It doesn’t matter which cover plate you install over your device; make sure you properly install it, the machine can work undercover, and its motion sensor is still detecting activities. To ensure it, properly test your device after installing the cover.

Also, Consider:

Using CCTV cameras for the security of ring doorbell

It might sound like a crazy idea we are using CCTV cameras to secure our doorbell, but it works.

If a thief tries to steal the smart doorbell, these security cameras can capture the thief at the spot. Because of security cameras, you have the opportunity to capture theft at the place of the incident.

If any incident happens, we can also get a proof video for police investigations later.

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Using some extra screws

The most common & effective method to prevent ring doorbell stolen is to use some extra screws which hold the doorbell with the wall to make the ring doorbell non-removable. This method is relatively more straightforward and less expensive than the other ones.

Maintain a check and balance habit

Smart doorbells are designed to detect any activity in your described area, so whenever someone tries to steal your device, it will send you a notification for this activity.

It means you need to be proactive about the notifications from your doorbell. Create a practice of checking the ring doorbell app as well as notifications. 

If you get too many notifications, you can customize the tone of your doorbell’s notification. It will clarify the notification from the Ring doorbell, among other notifications.

Next time you get a notification from the doorbell, immediately check the notification. 

Further, make a habit of checking if the device is working correctly and attached to the spot precisely. Usually, over time, devices lose their grip, and thieves can quickly steal your device.

Make sure you keep a check and balance for the device notification and the device itself.

Use of beware sign

It is the easiest way to protect your ring doorbell. You can place a signboard written as “an eye of doorbell watching you or something like that”.

People got frightened with sign boards like “beware an eye of the camera watching you”. They take every step carefully as someone is watching them. 

Every security equipment installed at your residence shields yourself and your family. Placing these types of signs might slightly increase the surveillance of your home. 

So, this easiest way can prove to be the best way in your case. 

Does Ring replace the doorbell if stolen?

If the Ring doorbell got stolen, the company would replace the bell charging no penny. This theft protection warranty is just open for the original consumer purchasers. 

To claim a new bell when stolen, you need to report it to the police when it gets stolen. After reporting to the police, you need to claim a new Ring Doorbell.

For this, you need to send the first buying receipt and police report to Ring within 15 days of theft. 

To get the benefit of the above-limited warranty or theft protection, please contact Ring community support at:
+ 1(800) 656-1918 (US)
+ 1(310) 929-7085 (International)

For more warranty checkups, click here .

Can a stolen ring doorbell be used?

A thief can — in theory — reset the Ring Doorbell and enroll under a new account. Though the Ring Doorbell is registered in your accounts, Ring doesn’t have a — legitimate — process of disabling the device onto a single account and moving it into some other accounts if someone goes house.

Could you imagine the issue yet? Yep, it’s that whenever you are still waiting for a law enforcement record (and thus have not contacted Ring regarding the thieving), the thief may call Ring customer service and have the device de-registered from the accounts, also enrolled in their accounts instead.

It is the reason I’d recommend that you tell Ring ASAP regarding the Ring doorbell theft, following contacting law enforcement. Whilst their policy promises to wait patiently until you have a law enforcement account, I’d call Ring on a lively conversation or the current email, provide them with the device MAC code, and request they disable your device.


I have discussed several practical tips & methods used to prevent ring doorbell from being stolen, which are also less expensive & safer. By applying these methods, you can prevent losing at least a ring of doorbell.

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