Is There a Doorbell Camera That Work Without WiFi?

In recent years, doorbell cameras have become more and more popular as a way to make homes safer. With these cameras, people can keep an eye on their front entrance and get real-time alerts when visitors or packages arrive, even when they’re not home.

But one problem with many doorbell cameras is that they can’t work without being connected to Wi-Fi. It can be a problem for people whose homes don’t have good Wi-Fi coverage or who don’t want to use Wi-Fi for safety reasons.

In this article, we’ll talk about whether or not there are doorbell cameras that don’t need a Wi-Fi connection, as well as the pros and cons of these options. So, buckle up, and let’s see, is there a doorbell camera that works without Wi-Fi?

Why is WiFi necessary for doorbell cameras?

WiFi is now an essential part of modern technology, and doorbell cameras are no exception. WiFi lets doorbell cameras connect to the internet and gives homeowners several benefits, such as real-time alerts and access from afar. 

Here are some reasons why these modern doorbells require WiFi to operate properly:

  • Video doorbells use the internet to send and receive information. Without WiFi, doorbell cameras couldn’t send alerts to homeowners. WiFi also lets doorbell cameras connect to other smart home devices, like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant, which makes them easy to use with home automation systems.
  • Internet helps them to provide real-time notifications to homeowners. This feature can be especially helpful for people who get packages often.
  • WiFi also lets people access doorbell cameras from far away. The live feed or recorded footage from a homeowner’s camera can be viewed from anywhere in the world as long as the person has an internet connection.
Is There a Doorbell Camera That Work Without WiFi

Can a doorbell camera work without Wi-Fi?

Yes, you can use a video doorbell camera in a certain way and only if your device supports it. 

Here are some ways a doorbell camera can work even without Wi-Fi:

Local storage:

Some doorbell cameras have storage built in, like a microSD card, which lets them store video locally without needing to be connected to the internet. 

But this means that the homeowner won’t be able to watch the footage in real-time and will only be able to look at it after the fact.

Cellular network:

Some doorbell cameras can connect to a cellular network, which lets them send video and audio data to a user’s smartphone through a mobile data connection. 

But you might need a separate cell phone plan or data package for this, which could be expensive.

Wired connection:

Some doorbell cameras can be hooked up to a wired network, like Ethernet, to send data without Wi-Fi. But this could cost a lot because it might require more wiring and infrastructure.


Some doorbell cameras can connect to a user’s smartphone through Bluetooth. It lets them get alerts and watch live video feeds from the camera as long as they are in a certain range. 

But this range might be limited, and the user might have to be close to the device.

Even though you can use a doorbell camera without Wi-Fi, it limits some of its features and requires extra hardware or costs. Before choosing a doorbell camera, homeowners should think about what they need and how they want it to work.

Considerations before purchasing a non-Wi-Fi-enabled doorbell camera

If you are considering buying a doorbell camera that doesn’t have Wi-Fi, there are some important things you should consider before making a final decision. 

Here are some:

Compatibility with an existing home security system:

Before buying a doorbell camera that doesn’t use Wi-Fi, homeowners should make sure it works with their current home security system. 

For example, you might be using a Samsung SmartThings hub; check if this new device will work with it or not.

Installation requirements:

Doorbell cameras that don’t have Wi-Fi may need to be set up in a different way than those that do. 

For instance, wired cameras might require professional installation or electrical wiring, whereas battery-powered cameras might need their batteries changed frequently. 

Coverage range:

A non-Wi-Fi doorbell camera’s coverage area is another important thing to think about. 

For example, if your doorbell connects Bluetooth, it might not have a great range. Secondly, consider its camera range—how many views it can capture.

Video quality:

The video quality of a doorbell camera that doesn’t have Wi-Fi is also important to think about. Look for a doorbell that records in HD and also supports night vision.

eufy security S330 Video Doorbell 

eufy doorbell that can work without wifi

So, you need a doorbell with local storage that doesn’t require any subscription and should work in connection loss. The Eufy Security S330 Video Doorbell (Battery-Powered) with HomeBase is all you need.

With its two cameras, this video doorbell gives you a clear view of your front door with no blind spots. With the Porch View Camera, your doorstep is always in full view, so you won’t miss any guests or packages.

This video doorbell not only has advanced motion detection and delivery protection, but it also gives you video footage. With 2K HD surveillance and a high dynamic range, even the smallest details can be used to tell who is there. 

This video doorbell with 6GB of local storage, so you don’t have to worry about paying monthly fees for cloud storage.


  • Dual-camera technology gets rid of blind spots to protect everyone.
  • With Delivery Guard, you’ll never miss another package.
  • High dynamic range and 2K HD surveillance give very clear video footage.


  • Only compatible with HomeBase 3


Do all doorbell cameras require WiFi?

Almost all doorbells require WiFi, but at the same time some doorbells can work without it.

Why would someone want a doorbell camera without WiFi?

Some people may not have access to a reliable WiFi network in their area, and others may worry about the security and privacy of their WiFi connection.

Are there any disadvantages to a doorbell camera without WiFi?

Using a doorbell camera without WiFi does have some bad points. For example, these cameras might not have all the features of a WiFi-enabled camera, like remote access and the ability to work with other smart home devices.


Ultimately, doorbell cameras have become an important part of home security systems. They give people peace of mind and extra protection against break-ins. 

But, using you have to compromise on many features to use a video doorbell without WiFi. 

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