LEVOIT Classic 300S Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier

Levoit Classic 300S Smart Ultrasonic Humidifier


Noise level


Easy to use


Easy to clean


Sleep mode



  • Stylish & Fits in Every Room
  • No need to refill for hours
  • Display can be turned off while running
  • Remembers the last setting when turned off and on again
  • Six different levels of mist output (1-3 cool + 1-3 warm)


  • Removable nozzle piece is little hard to remove

LEVOIT is famous for its air purifiers, humidifiers, and salt lamps. LEVOIT aims to make a comfortable and quality environment at everyone’s home. It is the reason LEVOIT focus on the innovative design and performance for their products.

LEVOIT classic 300S is the most advanced humidifier from the LEVOIT. It has modern and advanced features that most humidifiers don’t have.

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Unlike other humidifiers, LEVOIT smart Wi-Fi humidifier offers advanced and exciting features. It is compatible with the smart home , which means you can connect it with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

This humidifier is super strong and will give you a brilliant performance for decays. It is built for larger space or to cover the entire home. So, don’t worry while buying it if you have a big house.

LEVOIT Classic 300S Specs


This single humidifier is the best for congestion, dry nose, dry skin, allergens, and flu problems. It will remove the dryness of the air by adding more humidity and moisture to it.

Humidifiers are also called air vaporizers as they spread vapors in the air from water added to their tank. Experts highly recommend it to use at dry and hot places.

LEVOIT 300S Design

Just like its features, it has a modern and unique design. It has all the safety checks that prevent any leakage. This smart design can easily become part of every room. 

This LEVOIT ultrasonic cool-mist humidifier is built for larger space. It can cover 505 square feet of area. It is the reason you can place it anywhere in the house. 

Its top-fill design with a gigantic tank makes it effortless to fill and clean. 

LEVOIT classic 300s easy to fill designEasy to Fill: Its tank is super easy to refill. You can simply lift the cover and start pouring water into it. It is just because of its top-fill design.

Easy to Clean: To clean the classic 300S, take a soft cloth, lift the cover and start cleaning the tank. Its wide opening will let you take your hand inside for batter cleaning. 

LEVOIT Classic 300S Easy to Clean DesignTransparent Tank: Because of its transparent tank, it is easy to visually check how much water is left in the tank. There is also a small light in the tank for the night.

Safety Design: BPA-free, ETL certification, FCC certification, and CA65 test to ensure the safety and health of your house.

LED Display: Its smart LED display will display the current humidity level and the functioning mode. It will further display the mist airspeed, WiFi strength, and every action you make.

LEVOIT Classic 300S Controlling

What if you want to change the settings or working mode of LEVOIT Classic 300S?

Most of the humidifiers out there in the market offer only manual controls, but there are three ways to operate LEVOIT Classic 300S Smart Humidifier.

Here are the ways you can operate and control your LEVOIT Classic 300S.

Voice Control: 

Because it is compatible with smart home features, you can connect it to any voice assistant. Once you connected it with any voice assistant, there is no need to press any button anymore.

This is the most exciting feature this smart humidifier has. You can simply control it through your voice command by sitting on a couch. For example, you can say,

“Alexa set the humidifier to auto mode.”

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App Control: 

Want to control it on the go?

Download the VeSync app from the app store, follow the instructions, and connect it with your unit. Once you are connected, all settings of your units will appear. 

Steps to connect the unit with mobile app:

  1. Download VeSync App
  2. Turn on Bluetooth and open the app
  3. Find Classic 300S and click connect
  4. Once it connecting, press and hold the power button on your humidifier
  5. When the connection is up, connect it with your WiFi network, and all done.

The mobile app will let you operate your device anywhere at any time as long the unit is connected with WiFi. It will give you the current humidity in your space and let you change the working mode accordingly.

You can change settings, program schedules, adjust the room humidity level, change working modes, adjust lights, and a lot more with its mobile app.

Program Schedules: 

If you are busy with your daily tasks, you can schedule the working of your classic 300s humidifier working. You can also pick its working mode for that particular schedule.

Manual Control: 

If you are away from your voice assistant or smartphone, you can operate it manually by pressing the buttons present over it. Its smart LED will display all the functions and changes over it.

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Long Run Time

Have a busy life? Have no time to refill the humidifier frequently?

This LEVOIT smart humidifier can run for 60 hours with no refill. Thanks to its large water tank capacity, now there is no need to refill your humidifier again and again.

Its tank has a water capacity of 6 liters/ 1.59 gallons that will last for hours. If the tank gets emptied, the unit will automatically turn off.

Essential Oil Tray

You can add your desired essential oils to add a fresh fragrance to the atmosphere. Simply add 8 – 10 drops of oil depending upon your needs, the humidifier will diffuse and mix in mist air.

It helps boost mood and make a fresh environment around. It is also helpful when some guests are coming to your house.

To add oil drops, slightly push the aroma box, it will come out, add 8 – 10 drops, and then push it back.

Working Modes

LEVOIT smart humidifier offers multi-working modes. You can adjust its working mode according to your preferences.

You can adjust it to auto mode, sleep mode, or can adjust manually from buttons.

Auto Mode: There is a built-in sensor that can detect humidity in the air at your place and adjust mist output settings accordingly.

If there is less humidity in the air, this sensor will automatically increase the humidity level and vice versa.

Sleep Mode: While at night, you can make a comfortable sleeping experience by turning on its soothing optional night light. 

There is a small LED light at the depth of the tank. It can create a perfect sleeping environment around. 

You can also adjust its light level to 50% or 100% manually or using your smartphone.

Manual Mode: In manual mode, you adjust your preferences from buttons available over it. Smart LED will display every change you make.

You can humidity level according to your preferences. When the level is achieved, it will stop working and turn on when the level dropped.

LEVOIT Humidifier Manual

What you will get

When you purchase a LEVOIT Classic 300S Smart Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier, you will get:

  • 1 x Smart Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Classic 300S
  • 3 x Aroma Pads (1 Pre-installed)
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x QSG


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