How To Lock A Door Without A Lock In 2024?

If you have a door that doesn’t have a lock or you have lost your lock keys, or kids damaged the door lock badly while playing & you want to lock it without a door lock with an emergency, continue reading; we have tips for you.

If you need to secure a door of your bedroom, valuable items & a bathroom that doesn’t have a lock, then there are tons of methods to lock a door in these situations.

Here I will assist you to find out six of the most accurate, most accessible, useful & inexpensive ways to lock a door without a lock.

After reading this article, you will get an idea of how to secure a door without a lock and how to lock a door without a lock from the outside.

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How To Lock Your Door Without A Lock

So, you are struggling to lock a door with no lock, or you might be on vacation and have a space that hasn’t a working door lock.

In any emergency, we need to calm down and think about the possibilities, and use surrounding things for valuable purposes. If we talk about locking a door, there are several ways you can try.

In this article, we shared some straightforward and valuable ways that help you keep a door shut without a lock.

Using a Fork to Lock a Door Without a Lock

In an emergency to lock a bathroom door or a small room’s door, you need a fork readily available in our household items. If your door already has a gap near the door frame, if not, then drill it where you can place a fork.

We place a plastic fork in this method, but a metallic fork is more effective, so here is an option. After this, shut the door, then attach the fork in the drilled gap to test the fork size.

Some forks fit perfectly, but some are a bit larger than the gap area. If your fork is too long, break off your fork’s handle and stick the brake handle part between the prongs.

Now you can easily bend the prongs of your fork to make it fit within the gap size. You can use pliers or a solid knife to bend the prongs of your fork.

Your door is locked.

Now test it by pulling the door; if it keeps slipping, then use a rubber band to hold it. This method is relatively better to lock small doors but not for the main gates because it can’t bear a large force.

Now, you have an idea of how to secure a door without a lock.


Using a Chair to Keep Door Locked From Inside

Sometimes during your outside trips, you have to stay in third-class hotels to overcome the expenditures. These hotels have door handles, but sometimes their locks are probably not working. So, How to lock a door without a lock from the inside?

In this case of an emergency, you can easily place a chair over the handle of the door. This chair helps to make the door handle not move and blocks the door. It will work like a door jammer.

But sometimes, the chair isn’t perfectly adjusted under the door handle if the chair’s size is pretty tiny. In this situation, place a box or anything available which lifts the chair and fits under the door handle. It is the most used and effective method in this article.

You can also place any heavy thing in the room in front of the door; it can be a sofa, table, or desk. It will keep a door shut without a lock. It will take time and a brutal power to open the door from outside.

When someone tries to open the door, you can take action on time.

Lock The Door Through The Belt

Most times, our classroom’s door, bathroom’s door & bedroom’s door have a handle and a hook. If your door has a hook and handle, here is a simple method to lock your door. 

In this method, you need a belt. After equipping the belt:

  • Now stretch it between the handle and a hook.
  • Adjust the strap to stick the door.
  • Make it locked. 

When the intruder tries to open the door, the door handle will not move. It is a quick and easy way to lock a door that doesn’t have a lock. It isn’t for main gates and for specific small doors which have handles and a hook.

Removing The Handle From Outside

If you have a double-sided handle lock on your door, then remove the handle from the outside. We use this method in emergencies and some critical situations.

Here a question arises: How to remove the handle from the outside?

Here I will tell you a straightforward method. For this, you need a screwdriver to make it possible with the help of a screwdriver; you need to unscrew the screws on the plate of the handle. Then remove the plate and find some hidden screws too.

Using a Fork to Lock a Door Without a Lock

After this, remove the handle from the outside. It locks the door. Now, there is no handle outside; so no one can enter the room.

But you have to place it again for entrance and leave purposes. This method is quite useful, but we face some cons during the opening and going because it takes much time to remove and fix it again.

Use a Portable lock From Inside

Are you a frequent traveller and faced issues while locking a door in different places? Then a portable lock is a perfect solution for you. 

Portable locks are easy to install and easy to carry in a luggage bag. These locks also offer a quick and easy installation. An excellent mobile lock will lock your door from inside in minutes. 

Because of its usage, you can use it at every door from inside. It is a cost-effective, easy, and more secure possibility for every condition. If you don’t have a portable lock, here we have suggestions for you:

These locks do not weigh over 5 ounces, which makes them easy to carry while going outside. These small locks can seriously save you from unexpected disasters. 

To install these locks, open the door to make a brief gap, place the metal lock, close the door, and put the assistant handle to the metal rod. It will not take you a minute to completely install this lock. 

Addalock - The Original Portable Door Lock

When you are going on a vacation, don’t forget to put it in the luggage. 

Using a Door Wedge to Keep a Door Shut Without a Knob

The last method is the use of a door wedge to shut the door.

For this, we need a door wedge which is available in our homes or our surroundings. This door wedge is also available in markets of different sizes.

But if a door wedge isn’t available in our homes, we can use many other items in place of a door wedge. These items are shoes, a wooden piece, and many other things like this, which work as a door barrier.

Now, we have to place it on the opposite side of the door as it depends where from door opens.

It shuts the door more effectively than the other temporary locks. The intruder can’t open the door because it can bear much force. You can use this method to only lock the door from inside.

If you haven’t any door wedge at home, click here to buy from Amazon . Or, you can use anything similar to a wedge that might be a piece of wood, stone, etc.


Now, you know how to lock a door that has no lock.

There are several methods of doing so. We can use everyday things to keep shut any door from inside or outside. You can read this article several times to keep in mind these methods.

If you are a traveler, you must know these easy-to-set-up hacks. These hacks will add a security layer, especially a portable lock, and protect you from a colossal disaster.

If you are a regular traveler, you must have portable locks for extra safety, as we mentioned above. They offer an easy setup but complex security layer.

We can hope you got the answer to how to lock a door without a lock. It is all about creativity and finding possibilities from our surroundings. Creatively look around you; you will find possibilities of locking a door without a lock.

If you found this article helpful, sharing it with others will be a great option to consider.

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