6 Everyday things that can Google Home do but Alexa can’t!!

Both Google Home and Amazon Alexa make our daily life much easier. However, most people agree that Google’s voice assistant features are more practical and worth it.

In this guide, we will discuss these further.

But are these technologies?

The most exacting response to this question is that Google Home is a smart speaker controlled by Google Assistant, while Alexa is the intelligent virtual aide in Amazon’s Echo.

In general, both are referred to as voice assistants.

Google Home

Google Home is a smart home center point made by Google that incorporates well with other Google-controlled gadgets like Chromecast, Nest Thermostats, and Nest Cams.

This center point can convey context-oriented discussions and give you consistent reactions to various orders.


Alexa is a product made by Amazon that is incorporated into the center, Amazon Echo. Alexa is more viable with a home that utilizes Amazon Fire Stick, Ring Cams, and Doorbells, or perhaps the ecobee smart indoor regulator.

There are a lot of contrasts with regards to the gadgets, principally in regard to capacities. However, basically, they are both Smart Home Hubs that associate with shrewd gadgets in your home to make carrying on with life somewhat simpler.

The name Alexa is frequently utilized reciprocally with the Amazon Echo. There are a few “echo” models to browse with various highlights. Google Home additionally has various models to look over; not every one of them is alluded to as “Google Home.”

Google is continuously attempting to get the best position with anything that space it enters; however, in regard to smart homes regulators and home aides, Amazon has blown everyone’s mind with Alexa and the Amazon Echo.

However, Google has reported it will send off new activities for its shrewd right hand actually soon. Alexa  has a lot more abilities as of now. They have far to go to find Amazon in this office.

what can google home do that alexa can not - Guide By SmartHousesTech.com

Alexa can’t do some things that Google Home can

Here are a few things where Google Home perform well than Amazon Alexa:

Music Streaming

Alexa has a couple of more music real-time features than Google, however, that doesn’t imply that Google doesn’t have its selective web-based features all things considered. 

To begin with, obviously, very much like Amazon Prime Music, Google has its own form called Google Play Music that you will find on Google Home. Then, Google Home is likewise viable with YouTube Music, which Alexa isn’t.

Yet, on the off chance that you have Chromecast, you can, in fact, utilize any web-based feature you want and cast it onto your Google Home and use it as the speaker.

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While we are regarding the matter of Chromecast , any reasonable person would agree that this is the single greatest selling purpose in getting Google Home versus Amazon Echo. 

Your Google Home is coordinated with Chromecast, so any of your gadgets that have Chromecast become naturally incorporated with Google Home as well. You can utilize your savvy home center point to control these gadgets effectively and consistently via your voice control.

Several Commands

With the exception of Alexa, Google Home can interpret multiple orders simultaneously. It is an offer a lot since it spares you time while also allowing you to speak better freely. 

Alexa would not understand “Okay Google, start iron man and turn the volume high,” however your Google Home will be doing precisely whatever you requested.

Natural Discussions

Contextual speech is understood by Google, resulting in far more natural dialogues. Let’s say you ask your hub a question, and it responds with a follow-up inquiry. 

Google Home will be able to fill in the blanks and recognize that you are referring to the preceding topic and respond appropriately—something Alexa can not conduct.

Short Commands Set Up

Assuming you take as much time as necessary to set up alternate route orders on your Google Home center, you will see that your life is such a great deal less difficult. 

Making statements like “Alright Google, play my favorite movie” or “Alright Google, good morning” could assist you with setting the room precisely the way that you need it, from lights to temperature, music, movies anything with a couple of short words.

Change your tone of voice.

It probably won’t appear to be anything to joke about, yet Alexa basically doesn’t have this element. Google Home has two voices; male and female. 

Both hubs allow you to select languages, but only Google allows you to choose between voices.


Alexa Has Capabilities That Google Home Doesn’t

Here are a few abilities of Alexa that Google Home doesn’t highlight. The following capacities make this gadget and programming stand apart regarding picking between the two.

Whispering Capability

Have you at any point woken up in the center of the evening and attempted to unobtrusively escape the room just to wind up catching something in obscurity? 

All things considered, presently, you can empower murmur mode for Alexa and you can unobtrusively request that she turn a particular light on.

Amazon’s “Murmur Mode” for Alexa is a setting that will permit you to murmur orders to your Echo gadget. Not exclusively will Alexa hear you; however, she will murmur back to you as not to upset any other person in your home.

Skill of Custom 

One of the most loved highlights of the Amazon Echo is that you can program custom abilities into it. It implies you can make various abilities that will be private to your Alexa alone, and it can work precisely how you need it to.

You can set these abilities to a format that is, as of now, present on your gadget. Utilize the formats to show your Alexa new stories and good tidings or how to play another game. 

Regardless of whether helpful or for no particular reason, the potential outcomes are unfathomable.

Detection of frustration

Another human-like element Amazon has added to Alexa is Frustration Detection. It gives Alexa the capacity to distinguish aggravation or disappointment in your manner of speaking. 

It is significant because it will permit your savvy home regulator to change its outcomes and conduct just by your manner of speaking without you changing the order. 

Triggers by Location

The home automation system could be created to make the home ready for you before you come once you have established Alexa’s location triggers. 

Alexa will use your smartphone to track your location and prepare everything for you, including turning on the lights, setting up your smart HVAC system, and whatever else you’ve programmed her to do. 

It isn’t simply an extraordinary comfort. However, it can likewise assist you with setting aside cash with regards to energy and service bills since you will not need to leave anything running while you’re gone.


Alexa got your back when it comes to adding a layer of protection to your house. Alexa is an excellent housesitter, whether you are going out of town or for the night. You may enable Alexa Guard on your appliance, and the smart home controller will act as your security system.

When Alexa Guard is active, the device begins to monitor any unusual activities, such as movement or sounds. Alexa will begin listening in if any glass breaks or if any alarms go off. 

Another remarkable security feature on this device is the ability to program it to turn on your lights at random intervals to make it appear as if someone is home. Again, the possibilities are unlimited.

Track Your Package!

Of course, as an Amazon product, this device can assist you in tracking your deliveries when you buy something via the website. Alexa not only knows when your shipment will be delivered, but she can also tell you where it is in the delivery process.

Simply ask Alexa, “Alexa, where is my package?” once you’ve completed your transaction and she’ll be able to provide you with an accurate location!

Amazon Alexa Vs Google Home

Google Home 

  • Google Assistant is more intelligent and precise in responding to user questions and actions.
  • Multiple voice commands can be assigned to a single Google procedure.
  • Google is more user-friendly and easy to use.

Amazon Alexa

  • Alexa is Amazon’s voice-activated personal assistant and the driving force behind millions of Alexa-enabled products.
  • Alexa is more customizable, but it sticks to the same pre-defined syntactic ecology.
  • Alexa has a larger number of home automation gadgets support than Google Assistant.
  • Alexa has customized instructions for procedures, but each routine can only have one.
  • Alexa has far more abilities than Google does. 

Pros and Cons

Google Home

  • The most effective smart screens
  • Easy through smart home controls, extensive video service selection
  • Integration with Google Accounts
  • Language translation in real-time
  • Multi-tasking
  • Alexa has more home automation choices.

Amazon Alexa

  • Smart speakers that are the best
  • The music service has a great selection.
  • Google has a greater home automation functionality.
  • Smart home routines that are dynamic.
  • Triggers based on where you are.
  • Voice tones with a lot of movement.
  • Functionality for video streaming is limited.
  • Home automation controls on the app are clumsy.


Both voice assistants are good and control smart home applications perfectly. If you are new to a smart home or just choosing the right voice assistant for you, we recommend Amazon Alexa.

The reason is simple; it has more compatible products on the market and offers excellent support for using these advanced devices.

On the other hand, Google Home is also a viable option if you already use Google services. There isn’t any doubt that Google Assistant is the best voice assistant in the market, but there are fewer compatible devices for Google home in the market currently.

So, if you are a fan of automation, go with Amazon Alexa, or you need some quality and great user experience, go with Google Home.

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