Can Robot Vacuums Go Over Bumps?

Robot vacuums are much popular these days. These automatic small vacuuming devices make home cleaning so much easy. These robotic vacuum cleaners can pick up dust, trash, hair, and other small particles even from the corners.

But while robot vacuums are great at getting around furniture and other obstacles, one question that often comes up is can robot vacuums go over bumps?

We know you too looking for an answer to this question. Stay with me, I will answer in detail.

The Basics of Robotic Vacuum Technology:

The robot vacuum technology makes it easier and faster to clean floors. These machines move around a room, picking up fine dust and dirt using rollers and brushes that are controlled through sensors, software, and other technologies.

Because they work autonomously, they can find barriers and move around them. Robot vacuums use a variety of sensors, such as infrared, laser, and bumper sensors, to do this.

Laser sensors help the robot vacuum map the room and its layout. Infrared sensors help the device figure out how far away it is from the wall or other objects. Bumper sensors on the body help it find physical obstacles and keep it from running into walls, furniture, or other things.

The motor and brush system is another important part of robot vacuums. This system picks up dust and other debris from the floor. Most robot vacuums have a brush roll and blade that sweep up dirt and dust from the floor and push it toward the suction port. The suction port then draws the waste up and transports it to the vacuum’s dustbin.

But robot vacuums have a hard time getting over bumps on the floor. If a robot vacuum comes across a raised spot on the floor, like a transition strip or a doorstep, it may have trouble getting over it without getting stuck. Also, if the bump is too big, the robot vacuum might not be able to get over it at all.

Even with these problems, some robot vacuums are made to deal with bumps on the floor better than others. Some types have bigger wheels that make it easier to get over obstacles, while others have more advanced sensors that can find bumps on the floor and move around them. 

Can Robot Vacuums Go Over Bumps

Can Robot Vacuums Go Over Bumps?

Robotic vacuums have a hard time getting over bumps on the floor for several reasons. 

  • Most robot vacuums are small which makes it hard for them to get over big bumps.
  • The bump size can also cause trouble.
  • The shape of the robot vacuum can also have an impact on its ability to traverse obstacles. 
  • Most robot vacuums have a low profile making it a challenge to overcome a bump.
  • The flooring type also plays a role.
  • Some robot vacuums also struggle to move over a thick, and shaggy carpet.

Even with these problems, some robot vacuums are made to deal with bumps on the floor better than others. Some types may have bigger rubber wheels that are better able to go over obstacles, while others have more advanced sensors that can find and go around bumps.

So, the short answer is: not every robot vacuum can go over a bump, but some specific robotic vacuum cleaners can easily go over the bumps.

Choosing a Robot Vacuum That Can Navigate Over Bumps

If you’re looking for a robot vacuum that can move over bumps in the floor, there are a few important things to think about:

  • Shape and Size: If your floors have bigger or more complicated bumps, look for models with bigger wheels, a higher profile, and a more rugged design.
  • Rubber Wheels: Most robotic vacuums come with plastic tires that make it harder for them to climb a bump. So, look for a robot vacuum that has rubber tires that assist them in climbing a bump.
  • Sensors and guidance: A smart vacuum with advanced mapping functions can better understand the surrounding environment. This way, it can better avoid obstacles, like bumps on the floor.
  • Cleaning Performance: The ability to move over bumps is an important thing to think about, but it’s also important to think about how well the device cleans in general. 

Consider the above points when choosing a new robotic vacuum for your house. 

Robot Vacuum That Can Go Over Bump

iRobot Roomba i7

The iRobot Roomba i7 is a robot vacuum that comes with rubber brushes that are specially designed to work on all surfaces. It doesn’t get tangled with pet hair, and always stays in contact with the surface for better cleaning.

It is a flagship product from iRobot and people are already loving it around the globe. So, if you want a robot vacuum that can go over bumps and always stay in contact with the surface for better cleaning, go with the iRobot Roomba i7.

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Can all robot vacuums navigate over bumps?

No, not all robot vacuums are made to work on bumpy floors. But many current models have the ability to go over bumps on the floor and other obstacles.

How high of a bump can a robot vacuum navigate over?

In general, robot vacuums can go over a bump of 1.6 cm.

Will a bump stop a robot vacuum?

If a robot cleaner wasn’t made to go over bumps, it will change its direction and start cleaning in another direction.


In conclusion, many homes care a lot about whether or not a robot vacuum can move over bumps on the floor. 

In general, a robot vacuum can go over 1.6cm of a bump but with the right mix of features, like advanced sensors and navigation, bigger wheels, a more rugged design, a longer battery life, and powerful cleaning power, a robot vacuum can handle a bump more effectively. 

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