Best uses for smart plug! 12 Awesome things you can do now!

Smart plugs are a fantastic way of making your house smarter; by using a smart plug, the best way, you on your kettle before you step into your kitchen. 

You can also turn off or on the lights while you are not at home, or you can even double-check if you forget to turn them off. 

They are the simplest and most cost-effective way to link your home, allowing you to operate your appliances remotely and set them to a schedule from your phone. Users can regulate anything from energy usage to home security with smart homes

However, making the switch to an automated house might be difficult. 

Smart plugs we reviewed:

What is the smart plug?

They are normal, or you can say devices that resemble an adaptor or an extension cord. The only thing is Wi-Fi is connected to them directly, allowing you to operate the plug from such an application installed even while you’re not at home. 

Setting up a plug is as simple as plugging it into a socket, connecting this with your Wi-Fi, and using it to turn on and off any appliances connected to it. 

However, they are not the same. 

This guide discusses the major distinctions to look for and how to choose the ideal one just for you.

Smart plugs could be a perfect balance if you still don’t have a smart home. Homeowners can use smart plugs to transform any gadget into a smart device. 

One of the most adaptable smart goods on the market is a smart plug. To know more, check how smart plug works and how to make it at home .

Benefits of smart plugs

It gives you additional command over your non-smart home appliances by allowing you to control them with your smartphone or smart device. 

Have you at any point wanted that your apparatuses could think for you? That your home would just run itself? 

Or even that you could save energy without going around the house consistently to turn off all the power focuses? 

There is a simple method for making your desires work out at long last. Smart plugs are the initial simple task into home mechanization, and they will make them can’t help thinking about how you at any point got by without them. 

A smart plug works similarly to a power adapter in that it connects your power socket to the appliance you want to plugin. It turns everything on and off at their most general level. 

However, when attached to a smart home platform, it becomes a highly useful tool. 

Using Smart Plugs, you can instantly transform your current lights and devices into smart items that you can remotely control anywhere in the world. It can lead to significant savings and energy while also making your property appear more secure when it is vacant. 

Smart plugs are worthwhile for many users. They consume less energy than other devices when properly configured. 

Is WiFi Required for Smart Plugs?

WIFI is required for most smart plugs to function, but Bluetooth smart plugs, like the Aoycocr Bluetooth WiFi Smart Plug , are also available on Amazon.

Is it possible to use Smart Plugs outside?

For individuals who want to use smart plugs in the yard or outdoor locations, outdoor smart plugs are available. Outdoor smart plugs are often larger, but they are also sturdier and weather resistant.

Best uses for smart plug! 12 Awesome things you can do now!

12 Awesome things you can do with a Smart Plug

Here are a few smart plug applications that you can use anywhere in the house. 

Peace of mind – Remote Operation

Imagine you are on your way to a party, but then suddenly you are wondering whether you have turned off the lights. 

Using smart plugs, you can switch off the lights or anything from anywhere. If you’re frequently left wondering if you’ve turned off something at home, no matter what it is, you can use a smart plug to ensure that certain gadgets aren’t using power day or night. 

When combined with a power strip, you may disable multiple devices at once, whether you’re attempting to save energy or avoid mishaps.

Charging a Device

Every day, we charge our phones, tablets, computers, and other devices at home, frequently as we sleep. Overcharging electronics can damage them and reduce their battery life. 

When you use smart plugs in conjunction with your chargers, you can control the amount of charging time required, eliminating the risk of overcharging even while conserving power.


You can command your smart plugs whether you want them to switch off or on at predetermined intervals. 

It implies you can program a smart plug to turn on your radio right before your favorite shows start, guaranteeing you don’t miss a beat.

Air Purifier

In many regions of the world, pollution is a concern, with airborne particles hurting the public’s health or causing allergies. 

Maintain a humidity level in the air of your house by using Air purifiers, and a smart plug can help you manage the procedure. A simple concept is to use a smart socket to switch on your air purifier twice a day automatically.

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Take Advantage of Pre-Heated Hair Irons

Do you want to do a stylish look by doing your hair before going out? Why not program your smart plugs to turn on at the optimal time?

You can set a timer by using a smart plug and pre-heat your straightener and curlers so you can easily style your hair.

While you’re at work, prepare dinner.

Who does not like to eat when the dinner is already ready? Use a crockpot instead of a microwave and eat tastier food. 

Before going out for work, just add the required ingredients. Remotely you can switch on the pot, and sure you get a delicious supper waiting for you when you get home.

Remotely feed your pets

Imagine you are at work and you can’t go home early because of some work and you are worried about your bets that they must be hungry, right? 

Do not worry anymore because timed feeders will help you.

Control your cameras

You have installed smart cameras in your house because you want to monitor your house, but sometimes it is so hard to manage our security cameras. But all problems can be solved by smart plugs. 

Smart plug allows you to switch off the cameras when there’s nothing to record and you can switch on cameras when needed. 

Warm-up your room

If you are using a space heater, use a smart plug to regulate it to warm your home. 

Everyone wants an already warm environment before they are home during winters, so stop worrying and plug your radiator into a smart plug. 

It allows you to turn off or on the electric radiator remotely; in this way, you can warm your house or room in advance. 

Humidity Reduction

If your apartment is too damp, mold can grow, or if your apartment is too dry, it may cause breathing problems and damaged skin. Control your atmosphere using smart plugs and set the humidifier as per need. 

To lower humidity, use a dehumidifier, and to add moisture to the air, use a humidifier.

When you fall asleep, turn off everything.

You can’t leave the appliances on while you are sleeping because it is too dangerous for us. But how can you be so sure that they are turned off? Sometimes we forget or overlook one among them? 

The use of a smartwatch or a fitness band is the way to go here. The Jawbone Up connects with IFTTT, and when used with a smart plug, it can automatically turn off appliances.

using voice command to control smart plug

Turn the TV on 

Imagine being lazy or tired, and you want to watch a movie but do not want to get up from your couch. Plug your Tv into a smart plug instead of a normal plug and by this, you can control your TV by your voice. 

Now stay on the couch and switch on the Tv by using your commanding your TV via your voice and playing your favorite movies. You can turn the Tv off or on by using Google or Alexa.

 Also, if your kids are not paying attention to dinner or you want them on the dining table, you can silently switch off the Tv without letting them know. 

Best things to use smart plugs for

Smart plugs exist in various shapes and sizes, with costs to suit all budgets. 

Simplify your life, provide additional peace of mind, and also save you time & expense. 

Use your smart plugs with lawn sprinklers, air conditioners, lamps, garden lights, and night lights for the greatest results. When you use smart plugs with these appliances, you may automate them and use them as per need.

To summarise

  • Request that your technician wakes you awake.
  • Pre-heat hair styling tools
  • Keep burglars at bay.
  • Begin preparing dinner while you are at work.
  • While working late, feed your pet.
  • Turn off your tumble dryer.
  • Control your children’s television and gaming time.
  • Recharge batteries at a distance
  • Control your home’s temperature.
  • Spend less money on goods.
  • Heat your bedroom.
  • At night, turn off all appliances.

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