Do I need a smart home hub with Alexa? Compatible Hubs!

It may arise as some assistants need such hubs. But good luck. Alexa does not need a smart hub to perform. Alexa itself works like a smart home hub eliminating the need to purchase any separate. If your home has a fast-speed internet connection, Alexa will work efficiently.

In the modern era, where people now prefer to use smart home devices, there is also a need for an internet connection. It is because these devices work with the internet.

Therefore, it is not possible to operate these devices without internet juice. It can operate these gadgets efficiently with voice assistants.

All these make your life easy, as you have to say, a voice command to operate the machine.

So, if your router is efficient enough, you don’t need any intelligent hub with Alexa devices. But wait!

If you are operating some other home devices that are not Amazon-based, you need a smart hub.

Then you need to connect the smart hub to help Alexa work correctly. For each device, there is a need for a specific hub, as there is a need for compatibility of the hub with the device and Alexa.

Compatible Products & Brands with Alexa

Amazon has enlisted the products that can function with Alexa. In this way, customers don’t need to waste their time; instead, they can buy the compatible hub with Alexa.

If you like to buy the intelligent hub, you can search for a hub titled “Works with Amazon Alexa.” There are a lot of products and hubs available that work effectively with Alexa. One of the brands is Ring.

You can use the Alexa with Ring products. It gives the Echo show by Amazon to show live footage from a camera or smart doorbell. Moreover, it also helps in Two-way communication function with the help of the Echo Show.

Alexa compatible products we reviewed:

There are a lot more brands that work efficiently with Alexa. One advantage of the Alexa-supported products is that they are cheaper than other home systems. The supported brands are LIFX, Outros, Ecobee, Hue, Insteon, Broadlink, We, Nest, Sony, Tp-Link, and Honeywell.

Amazon gives the developer the requirement to add the support for the support of Alexa. But, after adding the requirement, the conies put the labeling on a product that Alexa supports us available.

In this way, when consumers buy the product, they see the label “Works with Amazon Alexa” and confidently buy that smart home device.

There are plenty of supported devices for the Smart home that works effectively with Alexa. For example, Echo Plus is a device with ZigBee protocol and can be operated with Alexa. These devices include locks, switches, lights, and plugs.

Do I need a smart home hub with Alexa? & Compatible Hubs!

What if your smart gadget is not compatible with Alexa?

Then you need a compatible smart hub.

First, you will set up your smart hub with your smart gadget then you will connect it with Amazon Alexa. 

Zigbee’s popular one. You can regulate your smart gadgets with voice commands with ease through this hub. 

A few other famous hubs for Alexa are: Philips Hue Bridge, Samsung SmartThings, IKEA TRADEFRI gateway, and Homebridge.

How to connect Alexa to a hub?

To get the performance of the Alexa, the user has to set up the Zigbee smart hub. There is a necessity to follow the steps given below.

First, you have to charge or powerup the Zigbee devices/hub.

After that, ask Alexa to locate the “ Alexa, Discover Devices.”

Alexa will find the device after searching for the device.

In the Alexa app, open the setting device settings and then edit the name, group of devices, and device location.

To avail benefits of the Alexa app, you need to set up; otherwise, you can’t run the Smart home devices through Smart hub. The Alexa also helps you control the smart home through hubs. These are simple to use and have a wide range of features.

To control the smart home using the Alexa app, you must follow the steps given below.
The Homepage will welcome the Alexa app and you to operate Alexa for this open.
After that, select the devices tab present at the base of the screen.

From here, you will get multiple features for controlling and adding devices. Moreover, you can select the room group and select the individual device so you can oversee the device’s attributes like color, sound, status, and brightness.

You can create the routines through Alexa also. Through that, you can set the statements and rules for controlling the smart hub. You can trigger a device through a voice command send echo button to perform intelligent home devices’ different actions.

How does Zigbee make an excellent smart hub for Alexa?

Zigbee is an efficient smart hub to connect Alexa with intelligent devices. It is a wireless protocol for creating a mesh network where the devices can transmit signals. It works at a high frequency and extends the internet range. There are about 2500 Zigbee devices, like motion sensors, plugs, sprinkler controllers, and lights. That works nicely with Alexa.

Zigbee is Z wave is another intelligent hub that can support thousands of devices on a single network.

Connecting intelligent devices with home network

Many smart devices come with WIFI radios that connect to the home network. You can control using the mobile app and interact with home devices like Apple HomeKit or IFTTT internet-based service. Through that, one can link the compatible devices and help in working with devices.

Powerful Wi-Fi devices are more efficient than Zigbee or Z wave, but these drain batteries quickly. Thus to avail benefits of the Alexa, then try to connect Smart hub to extend Wi-Fi and control battery drainage.

Benefits Of Smart Home Hub

A smart home automation hub is the device that functions as the focal point for the home mechanization plan and keeps all devices connected. The initial aim of the separate multipurpose hub is to control everything with Alexa.

Wink Hub is an efficient smart hub that connects with various devices. Along with Zigbee, Z-wave, and WIFI dual-band, it also supports low-energy Lutron clear connect. In addition, it supports Alexa and IFTTT applets. Thus, it supports various devices like GE, Honeywell, Nest, and Philips.


Alexa needs a constant internet connection. It sends the voice instructions to the device. In case of interference in connection, it is difficult to command the device. Therefore, if you have multiple smart devices at home, the Smart hub can send commands to devices. Thus. If you want Alexa to work efficiently, you can connect to the smart hub and enjoy using the latest intelligent home devices.

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