DO ROBOT VACUUMS WORK ON CARPET? Can Robot Vacuums Clean Carpets?

Do Robot Vacuums Work On Carpet - SmartHousesTech

Carpets in the home enhance the charm of the house and provide warmth and extra comfort. Nowadays, carpets are engineered to create a friendly environment, resist staining, and hold off even excessive foot traffic.

But cleaning these carpets can be a burdensome task, especially when there are tiny pet hairs on the carpet. Every pile carpet made by any company is unique. Some companies focus on the cleaning aspect while making their carpets. But carpets in the house need extra cleaning care.

Having a robot vacuum to capture all the debris and pet hair from the carpet is a great option. Robot Vacuum will clean and capture all the dust and debris from your house automatically. But, do robot vacuums work on carpets?

In this modern era, stick vacuums are outdated appliances. Cleaning your home with these old vacuum cleaners takes much of your time and energy. You might be tired of using these old tactics and equipment.

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How Robot Vacuum Works?

Smart robot cleaners come with modern and advanced technology. With the help of this advanced technology, these automatic robotic cleaners work automatically. It will capture all the dust and debris around your house by itself.

These smart vacuums have a bunch of sensors that help them understand what is in the surroundings, map the room, and create an effective route to clean the entire space. After creating a complete map, it will save it for later use.

Do robot vacuum work on carpet - Smart Houses Tech

Because of wireless compatibility, you can control your model from anywhere anytime. You can schedule the cleaning tasks, change basic settings, monitor cleaning, and even share the model with your loved ones.

For example, Roborock S5 Vacuum and Mop is a recommended model for long hair and carpets. It has a strong 2000Pa of suction potential, WiFi compatibility, long runtime of 150 minutes, and much more. Its automatic carpet detection technology detects the carpet and increases its suction capacity. To check the complete review, click here.

Once you program your smart vacuum by using a mobile app or remote control, it will take care of cleaning sessions into your home by your side. It will auto-start the cleaning session, all you need to just do a little maintenance.

Automatic robotic vacuum cleaners save much of your time, which you have to spend on the cleaning of your house. These smart cleaners allow you to spend this time doing the things you love most.

Consider a detailed article regarding what parts is it made of and how do robot vacuums work?

Are Robot Vacuums Worth It?

There are hundreds of models available in the market. All have unique shapes, designs, features, and pros and cons. Some models are much more expensive while others are affordable with regular quality. This is the reason we always recommend preferring your preferences while buying any smart robot vacuum cleaner for your home.

To answer this question, first, we need to admit, all the models are not the same. All have their own level of performance. If someone has an unsatisfactory experience with an automatic cleaner, then might be he chosen the wrong model for his home. It is essential to pick a model affirming your choices so it can meet your expectations.

Increase LifeSpan of your Vacuum, check; How to Maintain A Robot Vacuum.

Do Robot Vacuum Work On Carpets - SmartHousesTech

When you buy the best robotic vacuum cleaner for your home according to your preferences, then you got these benefits:

  • It will save your time in cleaning your home.
  • It will clean your home on its own.
  • It will also mop your floor to give you a shiny floor.
  • It will handle the pet hair.
  • It will charge itself and will start the cleaning session itself.
  • You can command them remotely to start the cleaning session. And much more.

Yes, these modern machines give us plenty of benefits. But these are also expensive. Now, these benefits are worth around $300?

Now, you need to think for a while, do you need an advanced cleaning method with a lot of advanced features for your home after spending a few bucks? If yes, then robot vacuums are worth it.

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How Do Robot Vacuums Work On Floor?

Robot cleaners have sweeping brushes that spin continuously on any surface. There is one main brush under the unit which captures the dust into the dustbin. These brushes function in collaboration.

Side brushes at its sides send dust towards the main brush, while the main brush continuously inhales all the dust and debris into the dust container. All the dust particles are then locked into the dust container.

To do all this, side brushes need to set a constant contact with the floor. Second, the main brush should have impressive suction potential. So it can suck all the particles with no disturbance.

If your model’s brushes have great contact with the floor and significant suction capability. Then the Robo will perform best on the hard floors. It is easy for automatic cleaners to capture dust and other debris particles from over the hard floor.

Usually, all robotic cleaners do best over hard floors like a hardwood floor and tiles floor.

How Does Robot Vacuums Work On Carpet?

Usually, cleaning a carpet is a burdensome task than cleaning the hard floor. To clean effectively, and capture debris from carpet, vacuum cleaners need extra suction power, fan speed, and best contact with carpet fabrics.

Some low-quality models, with a fewer price range, almost fail when they try to clean a rug. We recommend you check reviews of the model, in which you have any interest and planning to buy.

Some models perform extremely best on carpets. Their onboard tech automatically detects carpet and increases the performance level of the Robo. It increases the suction capacity to 2X and increases fan speed to 10X. All this happens smoothly and automatically because of multiple cleaning modes of technology. This means your model will give a smooth transition while moving on a rug from the hard floor.

This automatic increase in suction capability and performance level also helps vacuum cleaners to clean the edges of your house.

For example, Roborock S5 Robot Vacuum and Mop is a recommended model for long hair and carpets. It has a strong 2000Pa of suction capacity, WiFi compatibility, long runtime of 150 minutes, and much more. Its automatic carpet detection technology detects the rug and increases its suction capability. To check the complete review, click here.

Can robot vacuums go from hardwood to carpet?

Usually, all the robotic cleaners can easily go from hardwood floors to carpets. These robots give us a smooth transition between floors and carpets while cleaning effectively.

But some models are only best for one specific type of floor. Some expensive units like the Roomba i7 (check iRobot Roomba i7 Review) can handle all types of floors and carpets having no problem.

Robotic cleaners have big rubber tires that help them make a grip on the floor. With a modern design, these tires are also helpful in moving from any floor to the rug. When a unit comes over the carpet, it needs extra power to handle the rugs of the carpet.

For example, the cheaper models like EUFY 11S Robot Vacuum Cleaner can perform best on hard floors. These types of models are supper effective for hard floors even they can vacuum hairs from any kind of floor.



Cleaning a medium pile carpet is not a troublesome task for smart vacuums, but you may not get the best performing models under an average price. If you are looking for a model that performs best over the carpet, you might need to consider your budget.

This will be a one-time investment for a lifetime helper in cleaning your house. After considering your budget for any exciting model, seek expert advice regarding should you go for it or not.

Do robotic vacuums work on carpet, is a common question people have. We hope you find clarifications regarding this.

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