How To Hide A Security Camera Outside?

Installing a security camera is the strongest way to have an eye on your residence, even if you are away. A security camera will do surveillance of your house, it does not matter you are at home or away. 

Recording the footage of your space will give you access to playback, which will let you see what happened at a particular time. Smart cameras also have a feature to alert you through mobile notification whenever it detects any motion. This will help you stay aware of what is happening there.

But there are plenty of risks and challenges with normal cameras. So we always recommend it to hide your outdoor security camera. But hiding security cameras outside can be a challenge.

Why hide the security camera?

Before jumping to how to hide a security camera outside, let’s discuss why it is important to hide home security cameras.

  • There are fewer possibilities of spotting and disabling the camera by burglars
  • Your guests might get annoyed by the security cameras, so wireless security cameras will help you maintain the aesthetics of your smart home
  • Hidden security cameras give your home a neat and clean look
  • If any maid or baby care works at your home, WiFi hidden cameras for home are effective in finding out what is going on there

But it’s hard to hide any security camera, and it’s even more difficult to hide a security camera in plain sight outside. When you try to cover a look at home security cameras, the biggest issue you can face is the field view. Getting a required field view can be a challenge with hidden cameras.

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How to hide a security camera outside & Indoor

A combination of visible and hidden cameras can make a great home security system. Burglars will disable visible cameras and will be caught by the hidden cameras.

We came up with a variety of unique methods to obscure the appearance of your cameras. In this blog post, we are discussing 13 tips for how to hide a security camera.

Extra Tip: If it is possible, then mount the camera outside on a weekday or when no one is there to watch you hiding the camera. This way no one will see you disappearing from the security camera. If you hide the camera at your residence without bringing too much attention, none will know.

1. Buy Hidden or Mini Security Cameras

The easiest path to hide a camera is to buy hidden or small size camera. There are different models of hidden cameras available in the market. Peephole cameras are the most famous hidden cameras for outdoor available in the market. 

Because of the small size, it is extremely simpler to hide these kinds of security cameras. A small size WiFi-enabled camera with a built-in battery is an optimal device to hide.

The next notable things regarding hidden security cameras are their flexibility and affordability. Because of small size, these cameras are flexible so you can hide these cameras anywhere you desire. Because of the small size and less technology, these cameras are also affordable. 

Most of the models in the market are subscription free. Motion detection is the plus point, which means these cameras will send you a notification if they detect any motion in their area. All these things make hidden cameras worth of it.

A few more benefits of hidden or small size cameras are:

  • Small in size, which means; simple to hide
  • These cameras are wireless, which makes it easy to install
  • WiFi connectivity gives the ability to approach a device remotely and stream live footage on any connected device

If you want to consider a hidden camera, then check the best wireless hidden camera on Amazon. 

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2. Hide Security Cameras under Eaves or Ceiling

If the color of the paint of your house and the color of the camera, then you can consider this option. Most of the cameras will feel invisible if you mount them under the eaves. It is also a pleasant option if you own a mini camera. 

It will almost make your camera invisible unless you really look for it. It will almost make your camera invisible unless anyone actually looks for it.

You can also dress your camera like your house’s paint to match the color. This way the camera will look like the part of the eave. So, it will not feel like a piece of security equipment.

3. Disguise Outdoor Camera in Birdhouse or bird feeder

The most recommended option is to use traditional birdhouses to hide security cameras. The enclosed style of the birdhouse is best to place a camera inside of it; you just need to create a hole at the front of the birdhouse to allow the camera to capture videos outside and offer a level of security for vandalism at the same time. 

You can place any camera inside of it on your own by simply creating a small hole.

You can easily point the birdhouse in the direction you want to monitor. Note that: by placing a camera inside, the video will only be recorded through the hole it can crop the viewing angle. The best way is to test your footage after placing the camera inside.

You can also check this birdhouse for hiding any security camera on Amazon.

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4. Hide Security Cameras in Trees or Bushes

To hide your camera, bushes or trees can prove as best disguises. If there are thick leaves or shrubbery outside of your house, it can easily hide the appearance of any security camera. To get the best results, you can paint your camera like the brushes so it can look like the brushes and it can easily mix up with brushes.

You can also mount your camera on a tree or any branch and cover it with or leaves. Note: we also recommend it to see the footage you are getting before finalizing everything.

5. Put it behind any glass window

Take a hard glass window, place your camera inside, and mount the glass on the camera to cover it. Even if burglars locate the camera, it will be hard to disable the camera, or at least it will take time. Because your device is already recording everything happening around you, it means you got the necessary footage even if burglars disabled it. Usually, banks use this technique.

Note: hiding cameras in a glass window can affect the working of night vision. Please do all the testing before finalizing everything.

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6. Install a fake camera

how to hide a security camera outside - Dummy Security Camera Hide your original camera somewhere in front of your house and install a dummy security camera at the front door. You can buy it from Amazon.

Using this strategy, a dummy camera will get all the attention of intruders while your hidden camera will keep recording. Try to mount these dummy cameras at spaces where people can see these dummy cameras.

Consider this best-selling dummy camera on amazon.

7. Install it at a higher place

A simple way to secure a camera is to mount it in a higher place. By mounting it at a higher place, you can ensure its safety, as nobody will get to have to destroy, uninstall, or steal it. Please make sure the location you chose, should not be easily reachable, but the camera can do its job and record things happening around.

This is a simple way to ensure that your camera is safe and it is recording your space. If by mounting camera at a high place, it covers all the required areas then your household or office is might be secure. 

8. Lock up your camera inside of the mailbox

You can drill a hole through the mailbox and place your surveillance camera inside of it. It will record what is happening outside without letting it know anyone. 

We recommend drilling a hole in a way that does not crop the required view.

9. To Hide Wires Use PVC Pipe

Visible wires can lead everyone to your camera. If you have purchased a security camera with wires, you need to hide its camera. So it becomes difficult to detect the camera. 

For this, you can use any PVC pipe. After passing the wires from the PVC pipe, you can bury it, or paint it as your wall. 

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10. Hide Security Cameras within everyday objects

Probably, the easiest approach to hide the visibility of the camera indoor is to disguise it within everyday objects. There are plenty of options you can try:

  • Try to adjust the camera at a book shelve
  • You can mount your camera on a smoke detector
  • Desk plants are also the best option to hide an indoor security camera
  • If there are fake potted plants inside of room then it can be used to disguise a security camera

It is best to use more than one security camera to ensure you are covering all the required areas.

11. Put a decorative case cover on your camera

how to hide a security camera outside - SmartHousesTechYou can use any decorative case to hide a camera. Just buy any decorative case or use any existing case and place your camera.

It will give a view to visitors that it is just a decorating piece of work in your house. Meanwhile, the camera is already recording them. So, you can evidence against intruders.

Yes, it is a creative way to hide indoor security cameras. 

Check out recommended decorative cases at Amazon.

12. Deceive the intruders by making them feel safe

Dummy smoke detector - how to hide a security camera indoorsSmoke detectors are the sign of safety. You can mount any dummy smoke detector with a spy camera. These types of devices can easily Deceive the intruder and spy camera will record them.

Because of WiFi compatibility, you can access the camera remotely. Dummy smoke detectors also have no wires, so there are fewer chances of grabbing the attention of intruders.

Check this WiFi hidden camera in smoke detector (Dummy) on Amazon.

13. Buy a camera that can upload the footage to the cloud 

If there are plenty of risks like burglars can disable your camera or can be stolen then try to purchase smart security cameras that can upload the footage to the cloud. 

Purchasing these types of cameras will ensure you won’t lose important footage if someone tampers your camera with or gets destroyed.


We always recommend hiding security cameras to get the best results out of it. The best thing about the security cameras is: it will annoy your coming guests.

Test these recommended ways to hide a camera. Make sure your camera captures the most required sight in front of your house.


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