How Do Motion Sensor Light Bulbs Work?

How Do Motion Sensor Light Bulbs Work - Featured image

There are bundles of things you can do to keep your home safe, but there are motion sensors that are working in the light that experts always suggest.

Having a light overnight can be costly over time and can be unhealthy for the environment. If you buy a motion sensor light bulb, it can be proved very useful for you. It not only illuminates the entire space but also keeps the environment clean.

Because of its multi-uses, you might be wondering how do motion sensor light bulbs work? We will discuss it all in this blog post.

Introduction of Motion Sensor Light Bulbs

Motion sensor lights usually use in the cabinet; when we open the cabinet, motion sensor detects the motion and turns on the light. This helps a lot in the night, we even do not need to press any switch for turning on the light.

A few motion sensor lamps are also weather resistant. It means these lights can also be use outside the residence. It is quite helpful for outdoor stairs or at the front door.

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A big motion enabled LED is also used for security purposes. It can be mount on a high place outside the house. Whenever anyone will come to your house, the light will turn on. It will scare the burglar that someone is watching him.

We highly recommend using these lights because of its ultimate benefits and qualities; for example:

  • Comfortable use
  • Smooth operations
  • Consume less power
  • More reliable LEDs
  • Can work as security lights

If your house is located somewhere animals can enter your lawn or backyard, then a motion sensor light can also scare them.

How Does a Motion Sensor Light Bulb Work - SmartHousesTech

How Does a Motion Detector Work?

Motion detectors are small sensors built in the lights; you can say a small eye that detects infrared or heat waves that a moving body creates. Motion sensors can sense any object even sometime the wind. Whenever the motion sensor senses any object like any animal, car, or people it electronically switches on the light.

Passive infrared (PIR) is the most common type of motion sensor, which is used widely in motion sensor lights and other home security equipment.
Lights with a PIR sensor detects the heat energy, which human and animals release as heat. Whenever there is an increase in the infrared energy, it means someone has just come into the motion detection area or in its range, it will turn on the light.

The one and only feature of motion sensors is detecting any motion in its range. This is the reason, sometimes, it can detect false motion. But luckily, PIR sensors can set to ignore minor variations in the infrared waves.

Pro Tip: You can adjust or fix the aim of the motion sensor and can place a small amount of tape over the sensor to reduce the false detections.

How can we install a motion sensor light bulb?

Motion sensor light bulbs have become very common because of its vast usability. You might think it is challenging to install a motion enabled LED lamp somewhere, but it isn’t.

Motion sensor light bulbs are easy to install. Most of the models come with double adhesive tape. You need to follow these steps to install these LEDs.

  1. Install the batteries in the lamp (if support)
  2. Close the lamp back
  3. Find a perfect spot to mount
  4. Remove the adhesive tape and place it on that spot
  5. Now place the lamp at the adhesive tape

To install a big LED light, you might need to hire a professional electrician. These LEDs need an existing wire connection for power and keep working smoothly. 

This bulb is another peaceful way to gain the ability to replace your existing outdoor lights with a little effort. So, when you are going to replace your existing outdoor standard lights with motion enabled one?

How Does a Motion Detector Work - SmartHousesTech

Why We Use Outdoor Motion Sensor Light Bulbs?

There are many benefits to dynamic outdoor light fixtures. Outdoor light with a first motion sensor can make life easier. Coming home on a black porch is a nuisance, especially if you live on ahead without street lights.

Another powerful benefit of these lights is the safety of the home. If I have not provided security, then cameras and other types of surveillance are a major obstacle for burglars. This is great if you have an outdoor camera installed, but if it doesn’t show a nightmare, it’s doing you some good in the dark.

With motion enabled lights, your security system is working a little better. The moving light itself can act as a burglar but it can also support external cameras and even illuminate your safety mark.

Keep on reading:

How can you add a motion sensor to an existing outdoor light?

You can convert your outdoor lights into a motion enabled light bulb. Here is a quick guide to doing it. For making it possible, you need to handle the wires of your existing light bulb, make changes, and connect a motion detector with it.

If you are a person who does not do it before nor wants to, we recommend hiring a professional electrician for it.

Before starting our steps towards a motion enabled LED light, make sure your current lightbox has Knockouts for new wiring.

Here is the stuff you will need to do this all:

  • Motion Sensor: You can find out the best one on your own, over Amazon. But we recommend EATON Floodlight Sensor at Amazon for $15.
  • Wire Nuts: If you haven’t the wire nuts before.

The tools you need:

  • The screwdriver
  • Wire strippers (or any sharp knife)

Steps to turn your outdoor lights into motion detector lights

1. Turn off the power

Before doing anything, safety is the first thing to consider. So, do not forget to turn off the power before opening the existing lightbox. It is also best to inform others that you are working on a light outside of the house and turning off the power.

We also recommend to test or verify that there is no power present in the light before starting your work.

2. Open the existing light and prepare it

First, disconnect the hot wire. Now, it needs to connect with the motion sensor. The motion sensor will act as a switch after a successful connection.

3. Remove the Knockout and run the new wires into the lightbox

For this carefully follow the instructions for the motion detector to wire it to power and the light. After reading the instructions, connect the wires together. Make sure, there no remaining exposed wires before you fix everything back to normal.

Take your time while reading and acting according to the instructions with the motion sensor.

4. Finally, reinstall everything back & test it out

For testing, you can wave your hand in front of the light to make sure everything is working properly.

If you find it helpful, make sure you share it with others. 🙂

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