Quick and Easy: How To Reset Arlo Camera?

Arlo cameras are popular for home and business security systems due to their ease of use and advanced features.

However, like any electronic device, these cameras may encounter problems and require troubleshooting. One standard solution is to reset the Arlo camera to its default settings.

If your Arlo camera isn’t working right, resetting the Arlo camera is often a quick and easy way to fix problems with connectivity and software or if you want to start over.

In this guide, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for both soft resets and hard resets, as well as troubleshooting tips for common problems that may come up.

Reasons for Resetting Arlo Camera:

Certainly! You may need to reset your Arlo camera for the following reasons:

  • Connection Issues: Reset if the camera loses its Wi-Fi connection, the camera cannot connect to the Arlo base station, or the camera not showing up in the Arlo app.
  • Software Glitches: Even though Arlo is a reliable and sophisticated system, it can sometimes have software problems that cause the camera to stop working.
  • Moving Your Camera: You also need to reset your Arlo camera if you moved it to a new place.
  • Selling Your Camera: If you want to sell your Arlo camera, you need to reset it to make sure that all of your personal information and settings are gone. 
  • Changing Your Camera Settings: For instance, you may need to change how sensitive the motion detection is, change the camera’s field of view, or change when it records. In these situations, resetting your Arlo camera can be a good way to make sure that your new settings take effect correctly.
  • Security Concerns: If you think your Arlo camera has been hacked, you can reset the device to get rid of any unauthorized access and return it to its original settings. 
  • General Maintenance: It’s important to do general maintenance on your Arlo camera to make sure it’s working well and giving you the best security coverage possible. Resetting your Arlo camera can be a good way to keep it in good working order.

Overall, resetting your Arlo camera can be a good way to do general maintenance on it and make sure it is working well.

Determine the type of reset needed:

Arlo cameras can be reset in two ways: through the camera and by using the mobile app.

A. Using Camera to Reset:

It is a quick and easy way to reset your Arlo camera. This type of reset is often used to fix small problems, like problems with connecting or streaming.

It is also called a hard reset or factory reset. It will delete all of your Arlo camera’s settings and data.

It’s important to remember that a hard reset will erase all of your Arlo camera’s settings and data, so you’ll have to set up the device from scratch again.

B. Reset Using the Mobile App:

If you have installed the camera at a height, you can also reset it using the mobile app. Resetting from the mobile app will help you overcome more complex problems.

How To Reset Arlo Camera

Steps to Reset an Arlo Camera

Here’s how to reset an Arlo camera back on:

Find the button to reset:


On an Arlo camera, the reset button is on the back, near where you plug it in to charge. It’s a small button that you can push with a paper clip or something else small.

Press and hold the reset button.

Press and hold the reset button for about 10 seconds with a paper clip or something else small. When the reset process starts, the LED light on the front of the camera will start blinking.

Wait for the camera to reboot:

After holding the reset button for about 10 seconds, you can let go and wait for the camera to restart. It can take a few minutes, so be patient and don’t unplug the device or do anything else that could mess up the reset.

Test the camera:

Once the camera is done being reset, try it out to see if the problem is gone. If you’re still having trouble, you need to do a hard reset.

How To Reset Arlo Camera Via the Arlo App?

To reset the Arlo camera using Arlo Secure mobile app, follow these steps:

  • Open the app and select the camera.
  • Go to device settings.
  • Tap on “remove device”
  • Tap yes to remove the camera. 

Now, everything has been normal, and the device has been removed. Now, you can reconnect the Arlo Camera with the app. 

This method can let you overcome a lot of technical problems that weren’t possible with resetting through the camera, as mentioned earlier. 


How often should my Arlo camera be reset?

An Arlo camera doesn’t have to be reset at a certain time. If the device is giving you trouble, you should only reset it.

Will all problems be fixed if I reset my Arlo camera?

Resetting your Arlo camera can be a good way to fix some problems, but it may not fix all of them. If you still have problems with the device after resetting it, you may need to contact Arlo support for more help.

What will happen to my subscription if I reset my Arlo camera?

No, resetting your Arlo camera won’t change anything about your plan. But after you reset the device, you might need to change some settings.

How long does it take to turn an Arlo camera off and on again?

Most of the time, resetting an Arlo camera takes a few minutes.


In conclusion, resetting an Arlo camera can be a quick and effective way to fix a variety of problems, such as problems with connectivity or software glitches.

By following the steps in this guide, you can do the reset safely and effectively and fix any problems that might come up during the process.

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